The academy of magic

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The gate of the academy of magic has been opened!! Many persons are passing through the big gate, and some magicians with brooms are flying over the academy while they let behind them different colors. ‘’Hooo! So, this is the academy of magic!! Look! Look! Melody!! The guys with the brooms!!’’ ‘’Finally! Finally! Finally! We’re here!!’’ ‘’Haha! Calm down, Speed.’’ ‘’That’s the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen in my entire life.’’ Among everyone, we can see Leo, Joseph, and Maria who were surprised by what they’re seeing, at the same time they're walking on a road which was divided into two and between both of them a line of amazing flowers and plants while in the sides of the road, there's a garden with trees. Joseph: The academy of magic, just like how I imagined it. Maria: Joseph, Leo, look! It’s like a rainbow. The road ends in a big circled spot where everyone has stopped there waiting for Ruler Edward's speech. ... Ruler Edward appears with someone on the big balcony above. Ruler Edward greets everyone while he’s waving his hand... The Ruler Edward: Welcome everyone from all over the green continent, welcome here in the Royal city, and especially, on this day when the academy of magic opens its gate to all young people like you, ambitious and determined young people who are the future of this continent and its backbone. Look, this academy is based on two qualities; ‘’Respect’’ with ‘’Commitment’’. The Ruler Edward (continues): ‘’Respect’’ is to respect your teachers, your friends, and the academy itself, even if you’re from different places, you must accept each other and live in harmony together, that’s what will build feelings of trust, safety, and wellbeing. Besides, I think most of you have their own goals, so, staying committed to your goals is one of the most fundamental principles of success, you should always dedicate yourselves and never give up on your dreams or goals. In other words, new magicians!! Respect each other!! Stay committed!! Dedicate yourselves to learn as possible as you can!! And never forget, you’re the next leaders of this continent. Everyone started to clap until Ruler Edward has gone, after some minutes, the person; who was next to Ruler Edward; has stopped in front of everyone. ''Hey, new magicians, How are you doing? First, let me introduce myself, I'm John and I'm the deputy director Mr. Virgo who could not come sadly because of his health condition. So, I'm going to show you the different blocs that we have here, so, follow me and let me know if you have any questions.'' Leo, Joseph, Maria, and all others have entered from the front door of the academy which seemed like a long hallway, with some lamps all over the walls and a painting for some person... Maria (asks): Mister, this painting, for who does it belong? John stopped next to the painting. John: It’s for the founder of the academy of magic and the first king of the green continent Canute Stirling, the greatest king that has ever ruled the green continent. Then John put his hand on Joseph's shoulder. John: Just like prince Joseph who'll be also a great king like his father Ruler Edward and king Claudius. Joseph: Y-Yeah, that's right. John continued moving forward… An unknown voice has been heard behind Joseph! ''You're not my king, and you'll never be!!'' Joseph turned to see who was talking behind him but he didn't find anyone! ’What the hell was that?’ - Joseph ... John: Aah, I forgot to verify the names of you guys, haaah, just excuse me... John now has moved his hand in the air, till a notebook has appeared from nowhere. John: Aah, right, you're surprised, haha, I'm just a magician like you, I use memory magic, in other words, I can create whatever in my mind, anything that I saw or I remember, but it's just an illusion, it's not real… John touches the notebook but his hand passes through it… John: See! John (continues): Well, well, well, what do we have here... Maria brown, is she here? Maria: Yes, I am. John: Prince Joseph is here, Hmm, Neon Arling? Neon: Here. John: Saï Arrow? Saï: Yeah. John: All right then, hmmm... Leonardo Hawthorne. Leo raises his hand slowly… John: All right… Melody Green? Milton Green? Miles Blacksmith? Melody: I am here. Milton: Me too. Miles: Yes, mister. John: So, you’re brother and sister. Melody: Yes. John: Hmm… Okay… Speed Caplin and Shou Wildwind? Speed: here, here, here. John: And where's Shou? A voice came from the side where Shou was leaning his back on the wall with eyes closed. Shou: Here. John: All right then, Elizabeth Star? Elizabeth: Elizabeth is here, mister. ... John: Ohm, ohm, all right, let's not go that far, there are a lot of names, one... Two... Three... Twenty... Twenty-five... Hmmm... Okay, I believe that all of you are here, so, let's continue our way. Everyone moved forward till they arrived at an open area which has a big hall in the middle with some flowers and herbs in some places while on the right side and the left one, there are two buildings. John: here is the Bloc "X", which is the first bloc. John turned toward the right side. John (continues): As you can see, this side is called the site "X-I", here you'll be doing theoretical lessons, while here on the left side, or site "X-II", you'll be doing experimental lessons, so if you don’t have any questions, let's continue now to Bloc "Y"... They went again in the same way as before, but this time they found some papers with some names on them... John: Let's talk for a little bit about this, these are certifications of all magicians of the green continent that have become elite guards and some of them won the dominant magician's challenge which takes place every 8 years, just like Sebastian Silver, also anyone can participate no matter the year of the academy that you're at, and if you won this challenge you'll become the next dominant magician of the three continents. Miles: Mr. John, is it obligatory to take this challenge in order to become an elite guard? John: Hmmm, in order to answer your question, let me first give you a live example of commander Jack Chronos who possesses also the title of the elite guard without participating in the dominant magician’s challenge, so, I think it doesn’t matter if you won the challenge or even participated in it if you were already powerful and acknowledged by the king, but by participating you'll have the chance to expose your abilities and power to the other elite guards and the king himself, and if you could get their attention, you'll be selected to become an elite guard. But still, the clear answer to your question is ‘’no’’. John (continues): And by the way, that challenge is going to be at the end of this year, so be prepared if you’re willing to participate, because it's a huge event where all people from all over the three continents come. Leo: But… Why will we participate with our enemies who started a war against us and now we're obligated to pay them? John: You’re right, but don’t forget that the dominant magician’s challenge is an activity that started a long time ago to forget political issues and bring people out of their isolation. After all, we’re all humans. Leo: … John: You seem not convinced. All right. For example, you students will meet and confront other students from other continents who did nothing to be hated for. We all know that serious problems are going on among the rulers, but this event is made for you and for the people to enjoy it. Maria reads the last two papers… Maria: Sebastian Silver… Sword Blacksmith… Maria points at Sword Blacksmith's paper. Maria: This elite guard, is he the newest one? John looks down with a sad face… Suddenly! Miles: S-Sword was my big brother, and he died protecting the green continent, so... So, his title will be kept because I'm the one who will become the next elite guard!! ... John: Yeah right, it's you, Miles Blacksmith, I knew that it was going to be a relationship between you and Sword Blacksmith, and I'm sorry for what happened to him. He was the youngest elite guard and if you asked anyone who knows him, he'd say that he was a true hero. Miles: I know that my big brother was a hero, even if I wasn't old to realize that, so, my dream is to become a reliable elite guard just like him. A voice comes from behind! Shou: Tsk… Enough drama, let's end this boring day. Shou continues walking forward... Melody: Don't say that to him, at least respect his feelings! Shou: Who gave you the permission to speak with me? Haah? Then, all of a sudden Miles has stopped him with his arm... Miles: Do you have a problem with me, Haaah? A white glow of wind started to wraps around Shou’s body!! Joseph pats on Shou's shoulder. Joseph: Don't... Shou looked at Joseph, then the white glow has gone... John: Miles and Shou, haha, let's continue our way, it's not a nice thing to make conflicts on your first day. Miles: Just watch me... Shou: Heh, whatever. ... They have arrived now at the same open place as before, but this time with one building on the left... John: All right then, we're in the Bloc ''Y'', and as you can see there's just one building here on the left which is the library of the academy or site ''Y-III'', if you need any information or if you wanted to study, you can come here. And for that empty side in the right; it's the site ''Y-IV'' where you'll be trained by the teacher Nixon. Neon points with his finger… Neon: And what is that huge place? John: Yeah, it's our last destination, it's bloc zero, and as you can see from here, that huge building which is like a big house, it's the academy housing where the students; from other cities and villages; can live during the academy period, and in the opposite side you’ll find another building where there are director Virgo’s office and my office as well, a meetings room for the teachers, you can go there if you wanted to ask about anything. John: So, I hope that I made myself clear, and now we'll finish this introductory tour unless you have some questions… Haha, no questions, so, good luck everyone. And for those who will join the academy housing, stay here, and I'm going to help you get your rooms.
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