The origin of magic

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All the students are present now in the lecture hall or site ''X-I'', then, a short old man has arrived with a loose green suit and a tall falling eyebrow, but what the students noticed is that his body was too short to reach the blackboard behind him. The old man turns towards the students with hands behind him and eyes closed. ‘’Welcome, welcome, welcome...’’ All of a sudden, the old man stops talking... No one understood, what's going on! Milton: Is he dead? Melody: Why don't you go check with yourself then?! Milton: All right then... Melody: Aa! Did you take me seriously!!? Milton got up from his seat and went towards the old man… Milton moves the old man’s shoulder Milton: Hey, hey, hey...!! Suddenly the old man has woken up while he's taking Milton's hand and throws him away... ‘’It's mine, you bastard, give it back...’’ Almost everyone was laughing at what happened to Milton... Milton feels dizzy… Milton: See... ‘’Sorry sorry, it was just a dream, I'm sorry... Haha...’’ ‘’…’’ ... ‘’Ohm, ohm, okay, let's begin our first lesson which is... Hmmm... Hmmm... Can someone tell me the lesson for today... Haah... My age has affected my memory...’’ ‘’Who the hell is this stupid old man, he doesn’t even remember the lesson.’’ Joseph: The lesson of today, I think is about the origin of magic. Maria: I didn’t expect that from you!! Joseph: Haha, it’s my dad who makes me study always… … The old man floats in the direction of the board while he writes the title of the lesson ''Origin of magic powers...'' ‘’Listen, everyone, this is an important lesson... So...’’ ‘’You've fallen asleep again!!!’’ Shou: That's bullshit! ‘’Haha, sorry, sorry, so were where we... Aaah, right... my name is Clifton, so, nice to meet you...’’ ‘’…’’ Clifton: Haha… Clifton plays with his eyebrows… Clifton: All right, all right... So, if I asked you a question can you answer it? Do you know from where came the magic power that almost everyone uses? Maria: According to what I've read in a book, it has something to do with the elves that lived before 500 years ago... Clifton: That's right, but there are many things that we don't know about that era... I mean before the great earthquake, but with the knowledge that we developed and with the help of some old books... We finally could've figured out how magic really works. ... Clifton (continues): As most people know; and now it may seem like a fairy tale; before the great earthquake; which a lot of people nowadays doubt and others say that the world has been created in this way with three continents, in the other hand, others think that it's the wrath of gods which was destroying the unified continent because of humanity's sins; it's said that there were different clans or ancient clans such as ''Beasts'', ''Devils'', and also ''Humans'' who're the only ones who could've survived all that time. Neon raises his hand. Neon: But how did we know that, and why don't we have any idea about what really happened 500 years ago? Clifton: Hmmm... For now, the exact information isn’t available about what happened in that era and we don't know why, in the other hand, the clans and the great earthquake were mentioned in one book called ''The magic of elements'' which was a collection of some old papers, but thanks to this book besides the researches that we did, we could've finally understood our magic power at least. Clifton opens the book in his hand. Clifton: It's the only version of it in the whole green continent and there's no more because it can be stolen and faked somehow... This book has so much information that could've helped us understand the magic that we use. Clifton: So new magicians, listen closely. Clifton floats towards the blackboard and started drawing somethings till he dropped the book in the air... Clifton: Aaah right, I almost forgot... 《Floating Magic》… The book has been stopped in the air. Clifton finishes what he was drawing... Clifton: If we read the first page we’ll find… " Magic is a coin with two sides, it can destroy or build, kill, or save, this power can have a cursed side and a good side... So, if you were lucky, you'll have this holy power, and only then you're going to choose your side." ... Clifton: I'm not going to read this book, but I'm going to give you the most important points from it, as you can see in this schema. Everyone was paying attention except for Shou who was leaning while closing his eyes... Clifton points his finger towards the schema… Clifton: Those are Elves ancestors who found out about magic, so, they wrote down everything in old papers and kept them safe, till one day when next generations of elves created a new science called ''Magic'', but afterward, they figured out; while analyzing their ancestor's writings; that we're surrounded from everywhere with certain particles which can activate magic powers, and those particles have been known under the name of ''phantom pre-magicus particles'' or we call them ''mahos air''. Miles: Teacher, can you explain that name more? the first one. Clifton: Of course, look, these particles are invisible and you cannot feel them, even if you waved your hand, it's kind of phantom particles, and for the word ''pre-magicus'', it's because these unseeable particles don't make any difference in our life unless we use magic, so, ''pre-magicus'' refers to before magic impact takes place, on top of that, without them, we can't cast any magic or use it... Clifton gets down slowly. Clifton: Does it make sense now to you and everyone else!? Miles: Yes. Cliffton: Good. Clifton looks at a small sand-glass… Clifton: All right then, I think the time is up, so, let's meet tomorrow to talk more about this. Everyone is now getting out, but Milton went to ask the teacher Clifton... Milton: Hey teacher, it was a nice lesson but I have a question which is... Clifton (suddenly): I don't care, ask next time in the middle of the lesson, not now... Milton was going to argue, but at last, Melody has stopped him... Melody: Yeah right, just excuse us, teacher… Haha… Melody: Come on, let's go, you moron!! Milton: But what have I done!!!? ... The camera has taken us to see Joseph, Leo, and Maria walking in a certain street... Joseph: How did you find the first day in the academy? Leo: Not bad. Maria: It was awesome, I can't wait for tomorrow and after. Joseph: It's noon, I hope that sister Julia has made us something cool to eat. Maria: You just think about eating… At the same time, someone was leaning on the wall in an alley in the right... The person shows himself… ‘’Hey Leo, I'm Hiro, I've been waiting for you!!’’ ... Leo: Joseph, Maria, just go, I got this. Joseph: Are you sure about it? Leo: Yeah, don't worry. Joseph and Maria continued their way while Leo remained there. Leo: Okay, so, who the hell are you? And how could you know my name? Hiro: Aaah, it was rude of me to call you by your name while you don't recognize me. Hiro: I won't waste your time, but I'll say it straight to you. Hiro puts his hand on Leo's shoulder. Hiro: As I said I'm Hiro, and I'm your classmate in the academy, so, I think I’ve just answered one of your questions. Leo takes off Hiro's hand! Leo: Oi, cut this bullshit, what do you want? Hiro: Easy, easy, my friend, I just want to help. Leo: Help with what? Hiro: Leo, I know what happened to your village, and the same happened to my parent, and all that because of one person ''THE EMPEROR'', so, you and I have the same goal which is killing that man and revenge our loved ones, I just want us to be friends and unite our powers in order to fulfill our vengeance. Leo: What did happen to your parent? Hiro: 5 years ago, our family didn't have that many coins, so, my parent could've paid just for me to live, they asked for forgiveness and they said that they'll work harder to get the double for the next visit, but that bastard who called himself Alvah killed them… Hiro looks down… Hiro: I remember that I was looking from the window of my house… Hiro looks at Leo's face… Hiro: I saw it, Leo, I saw it all, how can a kid take all that. Hiro gathers his fist. Hiro: For that, Leo… For that, I joined the academy as well in order to get stronger and kill them all, but I'll need your help. Leo: I understand now, sorry for being edgy, and don't worry, because we're going to become stronger and when the time is right, no one will have the chance to stop us. Hiro: Thank you, Leo. … We're now again with the students in the lecture hall... Clifton: Ohm, ohm... All right, students, I think everyone is here. Clifton looks at the board… Clifton: Where were we? Hmm... Aaah right, we said that we're surrounded by some small particles that we cannot see with our eyes, but still, they exist and their name is ''phantom pre-magicus particles'', but do we really know what makes magic happen? Or be formed as water, light, fire and a lot of other elements... No one has answered... Clifton draws a human body… Clifton: You see that! It's a human body but there's something that exists inside some of us, in other words, the magicians… Clifton now draws a circle in the middle of that human body… Clifton: This is called ''The spark'' or the spark energy which is said that it's integrated with the magician's soul, and thanks to it, we could make a disturbance at the particles level to unleash our magical powers, and now we arrive at a very important term, it's the ''element'' which anyone of us has, but the original elements are; fire element, light element, water element, wind element, and earth element. Clifton takes a look at his small sand-glass… Clifton (continues): And all these elements have been mixed through years till new elements generations have appeared, such as; lightning element, ice element, floating element like me, and more... So, let's recap what we have seen in this lesson. The magic is a new science that appeared 500 ago through old writings of our ancestors, after that, we would've known that science relies on invisible particles called ''mahos air'', and to make these particles take shape of any element that a magician has, we should have something which not all people have, it's the ''spark energy'' that allows us to make some kind of perturbation at the level of these particles, then the term of ''element'' appears, any magic caster has an element, and the fusion of the element and the spark energy with the mahos air, it's what we finally call magic power.
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