Laws of magic, transformation law

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The students are now on the site "X-II". "Hey new magicians, I'm Chemical, it's nice to have you here." Chemical: Today, we're going to be doing chemistry of magic and for you guys, your first lesson is about transformation chemistry... Chemical picks up a piece of metal. Chemical: Can someone describe this? Miles: It's obviously, a rusty piece of iron. Chemical: Yeah, that's one hundred percent correct, but can we return this piece of iron to its first shape? I mean before getting rusty. No one has answered... Chemical (continues): I know, all this is new for you but it's not that hard, so today, we're going to discover something that you haven't seen yet, it's about "Laws of magic", I won't talk too much about it, but we'll deal with what matters for us in this session, it's transformation law or we call it transformation chemistry, pick what you want. Chemical puts down the piece on the table. Chemical: Look, transformation chemistry is so important for us, because people really need it, the things that made of iron are always exposed to the air or water, and that what makes the rust be formed, so, all of you, watch this. Chemical is drawing something like a symbol in the air. Chemical: | TRANSFORMATION LAW | - LEVEL ONE - Zero rust Now Chemical is covering both sides of the iron piece with his hands, till a glow has appeared around the piece. Chemical: You have to focus when you say the words, and it depends on your spark energy, if it's strong, you're going to do it quickly. Chemical holds the piece of iron. Chemical: See, it's now a new piece of iron, so all of you begin trying and I'll be here for any questions. Everyone now started to do it, and it seemed hard for some of them, except for one person who was Shou. Chemical (talks to Shou): Why aren't you trying? Shou: Here it is, I got the iron as you said. Everyone was surprised by how quickly Shou was. Milton: Hey, Shou, can you please show how it's done? Shou: How will you learn it if I showed you how it’s done? Hah? Milton: Haha… Sorry… Maria: Teacher, you said "transformation law, level one", are there other levels? Chemical: That's a good question, yeah there are more, but you'll learn more about it from the teacher Clifton. Joseph: Yes, I got it, it's the iron! Maria: How does it feel to be the second one to do it, Haaah? Joseph: And yet, I made it before you, Hahaha… Maria: You...!! Milton closes his eyes and draws in the air… Milton: Hmmmmm... You power of magic, I'm here calling you, hmmm, transformation law, level one... Haaaaaa... Milton opened his eyes but nothing happened... Milton: Ohm, teacher, I think my piece of the rusty iron is broken. Melody: I think your mind is broken, you moron!! ... Chemical: Just concentrate, and imagine the mahos air around you, because it's the base of magic laws. After some time, everyone could have made it, except for Milton, and another girl. Chemical walks towards the two… Chemical: You, what're your names? ‘’It’s Elle.’’ Milton: And I am Milton. Chemical: Elle, Milton, you should hurry, we've got only 15 minutes left. Milton: Come on, come on, please... After some minutes Milton finally could've made it... Milton turns toward Melody. Milton: Sister, see that was easy… Melody: Yeah, I believe you! Elle felt embarrassed, but she kept trying till a little of the piece could have returned to normal iron... Chemical: So that's it, you can go now everyone, and you Elle, you'll do it just keep practicing at home... … Hiro: Leo, Hey there. Leo: Hey Hiro... Joseph, Maria, that's Hiro, the person from that day. Joseph: Hiro, what's up. Maria: If you're Leo’s friend, then, you're our friend as well now. Hiro: thanks a lot, that's kind of you, so, what's your plan for the rest of the day? Joseph: Leo and I will go home for now. Maria: Yeah, I'm too tired, I shall go home too. Leo: You're staying here, right? in the academy housing. Hiro: Yeah, that's right. Joseph: I have an idea, why don't we hang out for a little bit in the city. Hiro: I'd love that, it's great. Maria: So, why the waiting, let's go. ... The four now are walking in the Royal city heading towards a big fountain, they sat down next to it, on a circled chair made of the wood around the fountain. Joseph: Leo told me that you experienced the same situation… I mean… Hiro: Yeah, that's right… Unfortunately. Maria: That person is hated by most people, I don't know why he's doing all this. Leo: … Hiro: They just enjoy seeing you suffer. Leo: Tsk… Joseph stands up. Joseph: If we want to kill the snake, we should aim for its head, and that's what we're going to do. Maria: In order to stop this cycle of killing, we'll have to smudge our hands with blood. Leo: It's absolutely inevitable. ... Joseph: It's time, let's go. Hiro: See you guys. Maria: Take care... … It’s night. Joseph: Sister Julia, we’re hungry!!! Come on, Leo, scream like me in order to make her come quickly. Leo: Don’t tell me… You do that often? Joseph: Hmmm… Just sometimes… Look, take your fork and start hitting the table while you scream at the same time!! Food!! Food!! Food!! Leo: Haha…! Won’t we seem like little children!! Joseph: But it always works! Leo, just trust me. Leo takes a fork in his hand. Joseph: Say with me; Sister… Leo: A-a! Si-ster… Joseph: Julia… Leo: Ju-lia… Joseph: Then hit the table while you scream FOOD!! FOOD!! FOOD!! Leo puts the fork on the table… Leo: I knew it… It’s an impossible thing for me to do. Julia brings some plates of food… Julia: Both of you! Why the hurry!? Joseph: It’s just Leo, his stomach doesn’t stop making those sounds. Julia: Oh, is that so, Leo, then now you can eat as you want. Leo seems upset. Leo: Stomach sounds… Seriously…!!? Joseph: Haha… … We are back again to the lecture hall with Clifton. Clifton: For today, we're going to see something that you used in your first session with the teacher Chemical. It's ''the laws of magic'’. Clifton floats towards someone… Clifton: You, what's your name? ''My name is Lee.'' Clifton gives him a piece of metal… Clifton: So, Dee... ''It's Lee...'' Clifton: You’re going to show us what you've learned with Chemical. Lee: All right. Lee went next to the blackboard. Clifton: Oh, let me help you. Clifton touched the piece of rusty iron to make it float in the air. Clifton: Now, go on. Lee draws a symbol in the air… Lee: Okay. | TRANSFORMATION LAW | - LEVEL ONE - Zero rust A glow has covered the piece till the rust has gone and the piece has become a normal iron. Lee: It's done. Lee didn't hear anything from Clifton! Lee: Really…!? 'What a stupid old man, is he the teacher here?' - Lee Clifton: Nah, not this... Haa, Ahhh, just excuse me again, it happens from time to time. Clifton takes the piece of iron… Clifton: Thank you, Gee... Lee: It's... Whatever… Clifton: So, what you did in magic chemistry was just ''transformation law'', but the laws of magic are composed of four laws; transformation law, healing law, attack law, and defense law. Melody: Teacher, so, in other words, everyone can use these laws no matter his element of magic? Clifton: Yes, that's right, but it does need a lot of focus and imagination of the mahos air because you won't be using your element to create magic, you'll use just the mahos air. Maria: Teacher, about these laws. Do they have more levels? Clifton: That's true, every law has several levels and every level is harder than the other. Clifton looks at his sand-glass… Clifton: And for a piece of information, these laws are the result of years of hard work made by the research center in the red continent. Milton: But teacher… Clifton (suddenly): So that's it, take care, little kids… Clifton floated and got out… Everyone is going out except for Milton who's still shocked. Milton: Why am I always like that?
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