Laws of magic, healing law

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After some minutes of rest. The students are still in the bloc X, but exactly in the site " X-II ", they entered lab "b" which is next to the lab "a" where they did their first chemistry lesson. Hiro: We're here for a couple of minutes, and yet, no one has come. Maria: Just wait, because absolutely the teacher will arrive. ... After some minutes of waiting, finally, someone has come, it was a woman with red long hair. Milton: Wow, she is beautiful. ... She said loudly with a serious look on her face! ‘’Hey losers, I'm Mercanda, your teacher of healing law sessions, and today we're going to do some serious work, understood!!’’ Milton: …!! Milton is still surprised. Mercanda: Do you have a problem young man, Haaaaa? Milton with an army respect pose… Milton: Absolutely not, ma'am!! Melody seems angry… Melody: You… Moron!! Mercanda: Good, so, what I was about to say is that we're going to do now the level one of healing law. Mercanda (continues): So, as you see on the tables, for each one of you there is one dying plant, but first who can use healing magic here? Three have raised their hands… Mercanda: What are your names? "I'm Elle." "I am Donna." "And I'm Amira." Mercanda: All right, Elle, Donna, and Amira, due to your magic healing nature, you're going to be perfect when it comes to healing law, and for that, you'll show your classmates how it's done. Maria shows some disappointment on her face… Maria: Madame Mercanda, excuse me, but If someone has different nature of magic than healing, will it be impossible to master this law? Mercanda: Little girl, don't let people's talk demotivate you, if you have the determination, you'll make it happen, because after all, I'm not a user of healing magic as well, and yet, I did it. Maria: Okay, thank you. Mercanda: So, everyone, let's get back to work, these three girls are going to show us the first level of healing law which is helping these dying plants to grow up again. Mercanda talks to the three girls. Mercanda: Hey, don't worry, just relax and let your focus defeat the mahos air, and here you go. Elle, Donna, and Amira are trying now while they're closing their eyes, and everyone else is behind them watching... Elle, Donna, and Amira are at the same time moving their fingers to draw a symbol in the air while they say… ‘’| HEALING LAW | - LEVEL ONE - The green life’’ After saying the words, a green glow has appeared on the plants, and slowly the plants are coming back to their original colors. Everyone was surprised by what the three girls could have done. … Mercanda: Good, so, guys, did you see that because this is what you're going to do. Everyone; except for the three girls; took his dying plant trying to make them alive again, then, Mercanda has gathered Elle, Donna, and Amira in one place. Mercanda: So little girls, you won't stay still like that, you're going to do the next level. Mercanda now is picking up a box, then when she opened it, it seemed inside it some rats, but they're moving slowly. Mercanda: These rats have been injected by a certain venom that paralyzed their movements, but this venom is so weak for your level, so, now what you'll do is trying to remove that venom and if you can't, I'll explain more later when everyone else is finished. The three began trying to remove the venom just by themselves without using any law, on the other hand, Maria was so happy because she could've helped the plant to be healthy again, but something was off, a smoke of fire started to appear!!! Everyone turned!! It was Milton who set the fire on the plant. Mercanda: What the hell!! What did you do?!! You i***t!! Milton looks away… Milton: N-nothing, it started by itself… Melody (suddenly): He's lying, I saw him asking prince Joseph to give him some fire on a piece of paper! Milton: You traitor!! How can you call yourself my sister?!! Mercanda: Is that so, Milton? And you Prince Joseph? Joseph looked away as well… Joseph: He… He asked for it! Milton: Teacher Mercanda, don't blame Joseph, he just did what I asked him to do, Haaah, all right, I'll tell you the truth. Mercanda: I'm all ears. Milton: I touched the plant, right, and I felt it so cold, so, I tried to warm it with a piece of paper, and then the fire started. "What!!!'' ''How stupid he is!!!?'' ''What a ridiculous idea..." Mercanda: I see your point, and it's what we're doing, but with the use of every cell in that plant again, and when the cells are back to work again, the temperature will increase slowly, so your point is correct, but it's not effective, I'll let it slide this time, so, take another plant and get back to work. Milton: Yes ma'am. Milton talks to Melody... Milton: See, she said I have a point, you traitor. Mercanda hits Milton on his head!! Mercanda: I said get back to work. Milton feels dizzy… Milton: Yeash… Ma'am! … After some minutes, we see now everyone has made the first level of the healing law with success, except for Elle, Amira, and Donna who didn't do any progress with those rats. Mercanda: Everyone, after what you did, we still have time to do the second level, which is removing a weak venom of a rat, so I'll explain to you more. Mercanda takes a rat. Mercanda: This rat as you see, is paralyzed, and that is because of the venom, and never forget that the venom is small molecules which have one goal. It's the destruction of the cells, and this leads to internal bleeding or paralyzing, as you see here, so, what you're about to do is create; with the help of the mahos air, bubbles that will contain the venom molecules and get them out of the body, this time I'm going to show you how it's done. Mercanda puts the rat on the table while everyone is around her... Mercanda: | HEALING LAW | - LEVEL TWO – venom elimination A green glow has appeared! Mercanda took a bottle then she moved her hand which moved with it small bubbles, then they entered the bottle and then she closed it. Mercanda: You must always be careful with the venom, so, remember to put it in something that could be closed, and don’t worry because we’ll study more and more about removing the venom from the body, that’s just the beginning. Everyone started to do it, but Leo was too silent and serious about what he is doing the whole session. 'I will do it, I have to, it's my dream to become a great healer... Mom, just watch me because I'll learn everything about healing and I won't let what happened to you happen again, I promise.' - Maria Hiro: Did you make any progress, Leo? Leo: I'm trying to! Mercanda: Hurry up, we don't have all day here. A couple of minutes passed, then Amira jumped with a happy face. Amira: I did it, I did it!! Mercanda: Don't get too excited, it's just the beginning, and harder things are coming. Amira loses her ecxitement. Amira: What a motivation… Donna: Hehe, she got you. Amira: Shut up, please. The time is passing, till Leo moved his hand with small bubbles on it, then he let them get in the bottle, then he closed it, then Joseph and Maria did the same, then everyone else. Mercanda: Good job, so, see you next time, all right. ... Maria: It was so hard. Hiro: Yeah, that’s right. Joseph: Before we all go, why don't we go to the library to study for some time, cool? Maria: Cool. Hiro: Of course. Leo: As you want. …
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