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The camera takes us to see someone from behind, we can't recognize him because he wears a black cloak that covers his body. He is in front of a house which seems abandoned, he entered his right arm in the air, but it has disappeared, then his whole body has disappeared as well, it was like an invisible gate. The person is in a room with a light light, it was there; a table with three seats occupied by three persons with an unseen face due to their cloaks and another unoccupied seat, and the table was between them. "So, Ruler Edward, you finally came, we were waiting for days." The person who has come removed his cloak and showed his face, he was really Ruler Edward. Ruler Edward sits down. The Ruler Edward: Yeah, I apologize for that, I had things on my mind. "Ruler Edward, you have to respect this council." "We the three are the protectors of this continent from behind shadows." "And you're just our sword to fulfill our holy goals." "We did accept you as a king, even if we know the truth." The Ruler Edward: I became a king by the will of the previous one. "We warn you, don't make us reveal to the people who you truly are!" The Ruler Edward: Let the people live in peace, this is between us. "So, we're here again for the matter of the black continent, we must end this." "Before something horrible happens again." Ruler Edward hits the table. The Ruler Edward: I won't send those young people to their death, it won't happen. "Are you afraid of the black continent and the emperor?" "Do you like what happens on this continent every five years?" "Why are you hesitating?" The Ruler Edward: I'm not afraid of anyone, and I can't bear what happens every five years anymore, but I just don't want to repeat what happened in that war, those young people are our future, I won't let anything happen to them. "We lost a lot, but what have we gained from this situation?!" "They take our money." "They take our lives." "They humiliated the past of the great green continent." The Ruler Edward: I know that, but we should wait for the right timing to make our move, and with the help of the red continent, we shall defeat them. ... Ruler Edward stands up… The Ruler Edward: So, if we have finished, I'll go for now because I have something important to do. The king has vanished in seconds... "We shall meet again…" "Ruler Edward or..." ... Alfred: Prince Joseph, your vehicle is waiting for you and your father, outside the main gate. Joseph: Thanks, Alfred, I appreciate that. A moment after that, Ruler Edward has appeared from nowhere next to Joseph. Joseph: You are late, and you know that it’s an important day. The Ruler Edward: Haha, just forgive me this time, it was out of my control, and where is Leo? Joseph: I think he went to the library for studying. The Ruler Edward: All right then, you can open the gate now. "Of course, my king" The Ruler Edward: Let's go, Joseph, your mom is waiting for us. ... THE SOUTHERN FOREST. As we see now, a vehicle drawn by four horses, and four horse riders from the royal guards, two in the front of the vehicle, and two in the back. They are going on a road covered on both sides with a lot of trees. The Ruler Edward: We're in the southern forest, we're near Rose Village. Joseph: Yeah, but why don't you use your magic of water, we could arrive so quickly. The Ruler Edward: Haha, no, we can't go like that, it's an official visit, you have to be patient. Joseph: I knew you'd say that. ... The vehicle stopped suddenly... Joseph: What's going on? We're not there yet! The Ruler Edward: …!!? Ruler Edward opened a small window towards the front, then, he saw a group of people holding axes and swords... One of them took a step forward. He was a fat guy with a big ax. "I'm Zooe, the boss of this group of swoax gang, or as you call it bandits." Zooe puts the ax on his shoulder. Zooe: So, with all my respect, tell the lady or the rich man to get out of that vehicle, and hand over all that you have, and only then, we'll be cool, right gentlemen? ''Hahahahaaha!!!'' ''That's right boss!!'' One of the front riders has spoken! ''Do you even know to whom you're speaking, you bastard!!’’ The front riders draw their swords! ‘’Now we'll teach you an unforgettable lesson!!’’ At that moment, everyone felt that the trees were shaking, till suddenly something seemed like a big ball with thorns on it, got out of the trees, attacking the guard who was talking. "Deputy commander Ethan!!!!!" Ethan is still blocking the attack of that ball, but finally, he could’ve made it go back. The ball was now opening and someone appeared on it. "Haaah, that was good, your defense was perfect!!" Zooe: Cool timing, you hedgehog. Zooe (continues): Guys, I think these rich people only understand the language of pain. Ruler Edward gets out. The Ruler Edward: What's all this noise, Ethan!!? Ethan gets down from his horse. Ethan: Ruler Edward, these are some bandits who blocked our way. Zooe: You're joking right, Haha, Ruler Edward, Hahaha, what a bad joke, guys let's show these people what swoax gang really is, Attack!!! "Yeaaaaaaaaaah!!" Ethan: I won't let that happen, | THE TENTH LEVEL OF TRANSFORMATION LAW | - THE HOLE A big hole has been formed beneath the people that were attacking… Zooe: What the hell has just happened? The man who's called the hedgehog wanted to move, but suddenly Ruler Edward appeared just in front of him!! The Ruler Edward: Don't give me a reason to end you here. The hedgehog has become frozen in his place because of the pressure of the king's glow! Zooe: This presence… This glow… No, there’s no doubt about it… He is… He is… Zooe holds a person; near to him; from his outfit! Zooe: You told me that it was going to be an old lady or something like that, passing through the southern forest. Zooe looked at Ruler Edward’s face. Zooe: He… He is really the legendary Ruler Edward of the green continent, we're f****d up…!!!! "Smoke bomb" All of a sudden, someone dropped a smoke bomb, but when the smoke disappeared, every one of the bandits disappeared except for the ones who were in the hole. The Ruler Edward: Hmm, a smoke bomb. Ethan talks to the ones in the hole. Ethan: Who is your real boss? And what are you anyway!? "We'll say nothing to you!!" Ethan: Ruler Edward, should we go after them? The Ruler Edward: Not now, but I’ll need a complete report about these bandits, who they are, their activities recently, the places where they’ve been seen, and are there any complaints about them by the people, I need every possible information about them so that we can eradicate them. Understood? Deputy commander Ethan? Ethan: Understood! Ruler Edward. One of the guards who were in the back said... ''My king we suggest to leave those bandits to us and continue your way, I will guard them while Filipe goes back to the royal city and gets some backup to transport these criminals.'' The Ruler Edward: All right then, you have my permission. "We're not going to let you down.'' Joseph: What happened? The Ruler Edward: Just some bandits, we dealt with them, so, let's continue our way. Joseph: Yeah, sure. ‘’Hyaaaah, haaah, let's go!!!’’ …
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