Rose village

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THE SOUTH OF THE GREEN CONTINENT |ROSE VILLAGE| The vehicle of the ruler had stopped in front of a village. The Ruler Edward: Joseph, finally, we have arrived. Joseph: It's been a long way. Some kids who were playing around, when they saw Joseph and the Ruler, Edward, quickly rushed towards them!! ''Hey, look, look, he is big brother Joseph.'' ''Let us see your magic, please, please!!'' The Ruler Edward: The kids admire you here, hahaha. Joseph: Okay, okay, look carefully because I'm not going to repeat it. ''Okay, okay!!'' ''Just one time.'' Joseph: 《Water Magic》- Water Ball Joseph raised his head to the sky and launched a huge fire from his mouth... ''Woooow!!!'' ''That was cool!!'' ''Again, again please!!'' Joseph: You little liars, all right, but when I get back, okay? ''Hum, Okaa-ay.'' The kids seem upset. Joseph: Oi, how can you switch your mood that fast!!? Then a guy from the village said with a loud voice!! ''Heeeeey!!!!! The Ruler Edward is here, the Ruler Edward is here!!!'' The people of the village leave their houses or go to other places, while they make a line to let Ruler Edward and Joseph pass. Then some of them started to throw some flowers on the road. ''We knew that you would be here.'' ''So, we brought you some flowers as always.'' ''Ruler Edward!!'' ''We missed you!!'' ''Welcome to Rose village again!!'' ''It's really Ruler Edward and prince Joseph!!'' ''Long live the ruler!!'' The Ruler Edward: Thank you, everyone, I really missed you too, and as always, I have brought you some gifts. The Ruler Edward (continues): Ethan and James, take care of the stuff that we brought, I'm going to meet someone. Ethan: Don't worry, we'll deal with it. ''Long live the ruler!!!'' ''Long live the ruler!!!'' The Ruler Edward: Thank you, thank you a lot… Let's go, Joseph. Ethan now is bringing somethings from the back of the vehicle, there were some fruits and vegetables, and different clothes, and some toys for the kids... ''Long live the ruler!!!'' ''Long live the ruler!!!'' While Ruler Edward and Joseph were going on their way, someone was calling among the people. ''Ruler Edward, Ruler Edward!!'' Ruler Edward stopped when he heard it. The Ruler Edward: Joseph, wait for me here, all right! Ruler Edward approached the line of people. Then he found out that a woman was calling for him. The Ruler Edward: Is everything okay? ''Oh, thank you for stopping, hey, Emon, it's the Ruler Edward hurry up!!'' The woman was talruler to a child who was hiding behind her. ''Haha, he is my child, and he's a little shy…'' The Ruler, Edward kneels to see the kid… The Ruler Edward: Come on, Emon, there is nothing to be afraid of. ''Ruler… Edward…'' The Ruler Edward: It's all right. Emon has come from behind while he's holding something behind him. Emon: H~hey Ruler Edward, I~I made you something. Emon now is showing what's behind him. it was a carved piece of wood, it was like a statue of the ruler. The Ruler Edward: Wow, it's amazing, I like it. Emon (Smiles): Really? Ruler Edward pats on the kid's head. The Ruler Edward: Yeah, it's really amazing, and I’ll keep it always with me. Emon: Ruler Edward, someday I'll be strong like you, and protect my village and the whole green continent. The Ruler Edward: Haha, I have no doubt about it, Emon, I am counting on you. Ruler Edward now is standing while he puts the carved piece in some pocket. The Ruler Edward: You have a kind child. ''He really admires you.'' ''Since his father has passed away, he wanted to be strong in order to protect me and the village as he says, haha, kids’ talruler'' The Ruler Edward: I'm sorry about that. ''But although all that, he is always happy and kind to everyone, and he gets happier when you and prince Joseph come to visit us.'' The Ruler Edward: It makes me also so happy to see kind and ambitious kids like him, take care of him. ''Thank you, thank you so much, I will'' ... After the ruler had talked to that woman and her son, Joseph saw a pack of red flowers on the ground, then he took it and continued his way with his father... Now we see Joseph and his father, they have arrived near to an edge which was before it the ocean, and there, an old man was leaning on his stick and next to him was a grave. The Ruler Edward: You're here as always, it's been a while old man Rose. The old man Rose: Ruler Edward, and you're here as always, and of course with my wonderful grandson, prince Joseph. The Ruler Edward: How are you? The old man Rose: Still alive, hahaha! Joseph: Hey grandpa. The old man Rose catches Joseph from his arm gently… The old man Rose: Oh, look at you, you became a man, your mom would be so proud. When the old man, Rose, said those last words, everyone showed a sad face... The Ruler Edward: … Joseph: … The old man Rose: … Joseph: Excuse me, Grandpa Rose. The old man Rose: Of course. The Ruler Edward: He’s so sentimental when it comes to his mom. The old man Rose: I know. Joseph now approaches the grave while he's holding the pack of red flowers, then he put them on the grave which was written on it ''Arabella Rose''. After a few other moments of silence... The old man, Rose, puts his hand on Joseph's shoulder… The old man Rose: She will always be with you. The tears came down from Joseph's eyes… Joseph: But… It was... It was... The old man Rose: It wasn't your fault, don't blame yourself like that. The Ruler Edward: Joseph… Ruler Edward remembers a flashback… ... The Ruler Edward: What's going on, what took you so long? ''We're trying, Ruler Edward, just wait please...'' … After some minutes, the same woman opened the door of the room where she was, then she went towards Ruler Edward who was waiting, but this time she was holding a baby. ‘’It’s a boy, Ruler Edward, congratulations’’ The Ruler Edward: Hoo! Look who's here, hello there, look how beautiful you are. Let's go then see your mom, right my little child. ''I'm sorry, but I don't advise you to go there…'' The Ruler Edward: What are you talking about? Ruler Edward went into the room where two other women were there, but he was shocked by the sight that he saw while he was holding the baby. There was a lot of blood on the bed where Arabella was lying. ''My ruler, she lost a lot of blood during the birth. We're sorry!!'' The Ruler Edward: Hah?!! Hey, hey, I'm here with you. Look, it's our son, Arabella!! ''My ruler, she's…'' The Ruler Edward: Shut up, and get out now! Arabella opens her eyes slowly… Arabella: Edward… Don't get angry, my love… They tried their best to help. The Ruler Edward: I'm going to get Doctor Steve. It'll be quick, all right. Arabella: Don't… Don't go, Edward, I want to spend my last moments… With you and our son… The Ruler Edward: Please, don't say that like I'm not going to see you again. Arabella: Let… Let me touch him… Let me touch my wonderful son. Ruler Edward puts the baby next to her. Arabella looks at the baby while she’s shedding tears. Arabella: I'm sorry my little prince… I won't be with you, but your father will be, so, be nice to him, okay, and eat well, study well, and sleep well, and try to have some friends as well, real friends that'll always help you, and in the future, become a just and good ruler like your father, okay... Arabella touches the baby's cheek… Arabella: Oh my little angel, I love you so much, don't be sad, okay, and remember that I will always be with you. Arabella looks at Ruler Edward’s face Arabella: Edward, I have a name for our son. It's Joseph. The Ruler Edward: Joseph…! Arabella: Haha… I thought… It’d be nice to name our son… On your great father. The Ruler Edward: Arabella… The Ruler Edward holds her hand… The Ruler Edward: All right, it's going to be Joseph. Arabella speaks while she’s still shedding tears. Arabella: Edward, p~promise me, promise me that you're going to protect our son and take care of him. The Ruler Edward: I… I promise you... A few minutes later, Ruler Edward has let Arabella with the baby Joseph in the room and got out to where he was waiting. Ruler Edward seems covering his face with his hand while the tears don’t stop falling from his eyes… ... Ruler Edward continues with a light smile… The Ruler Edward: She was so happy when she saw you, and she will always live in our hearts. A voice has come from behind... ''Hey!! Joseph, hey!!! We can't wait anymore!!'' Joseph wipes away his tears. Joseph: Haha, of course, it's you guys. They were the kids of the village who were calling Joseph. While he's getting up 'Mom, I'll be someone who'll make you and my dad proud!! I promise!!' - Joseph ... The old man Rose: Haha, they enjoy seeing your magic. The Ruler Edward: Just go, and I'll be here with our old man Rose. Joseph: Okay. ''Big brother Joseph!!! Hurry up, hurry up.'' Joseph: Okay, okay, you win. ''Let us see more of your magic!!'' ''Yes, yes more…'' Joseph now has gone with the kids. The old man Rose: Let's go sit there, in front of my house. The Ruler Edward: Haha, it’s going to take ages if we wanted to go there with your condition, give me your hand. The old man Rose: Haha, yeah, that’s right!!! When Ruler Edward has touched the old man's hand, then, they moved so quickly towards his house, which was far away from the village. … The Ruler Edward: Why didn't you move to your village. The old man Rose: This house is the only thing that reminds me of my family. The Ruler Edward: Yeah, I see. Next to the door of the house, there was a long wooden chair. The old man Rose: Can the ruler let this old man make you some tea, haha. The Ruler Edward: Take your time. A few minutes later, the old man Rose brought two cups of tea. The old man Rose sits down next to Ruler Edward. The old man Rose: Here you go. The Ruler Edward: Thank you. The old man Rose takes a sip. The old man Rose: So, how is it going with you and the ruling stuff. The Ruler Edward: Heh, Believe me, it's a huge responsibility. The old man Rose: And how Joseph is doing? Ruler Edward takes a sip. The Ruler Edward: He's actually good, he joined the academy of magic, and he's getting to know some new friends. The old man Rose: He seems to me like he's blaming himself for what happened to his mother. The Ruler Edward: It's hard for him to grow up without a mother. The old man Rose: Yeah, you’re right. The old man Rose gets up. The old man Rose: Ruler Edward, I may seem like an old man but my eyes don't lie, I feel like you're going through so much. The Ruler Edward (Sighs): Haha, you got me, but it’s about the black continent and those new bandits who call themselves swoax gang. The old man Rose: May I know the details? Ruler Edward is now explaining everything that happened with Leo's village until the visit to this village here... … The old man Rose: That's… Terrible. The Ruler Edward: I know, but we'll deal first with those bandits, and stop them all. The old man Rose: This village has no powerful magicians, just kids, women, and the men who go to work in other cities and villages. The Ruler Edward: This place is too precious to me, I will never let anything bad happen to it, I promise you that. The old man Rose: I believe in you, Ruler Edward, we all the people of this continent believe in you. … Ruler Edward takes another sip of the tea. The Ruler Edward: You did it again, you made the tea without the sugar. The old man Rose: Haha, I think it's the age that affected my memory, so I forgot to add the sugar, hahaha. The Ruler Edward: Hahahaha… Thank you. The old man Rose: haha, for what? The Ruler Edward: For… Everything... ... Ruler Edward stands up… The Ruler Edward: I think this is the time, we must go. The old man Rose: You always bring with you joy and happiness to the people of this village, and I thank you for that, take care, Ruler Edward. ... The camera has taken us to where the vehicle was waiting. besides that vehicle, there was Ethan and James with two other guards who were on their knees, and behind them, there were some other guards. Ruler Edward and Joseph have appeared from nowhere just in front of Ethan and the others. Joseph: That was really awesome and quick. Ruler Edward and Joseph got surprised by what before them. The Ruler Edward: What's going on, Ethan? Ethan: These two are from the royal guards who are supposed to make patrols and protect this area, but I found them in the bar having drinks, with no knowledge that there is a dangerous gang out there, threatening the safety of this village and the other villages. The Ruler Edward: Hmm, what do you say about that, you two. The two of them didn't say a word. Ethan Pushes both their heads!! Ethan: You bastards!! Speak when you're spoken to. ''We're... We're sorry, it was a one-time thing.'' The Ruler Edward: Do I have your word to protect this place? ''Yes, Ruler Edward…'' The Ruler Edward: All right then, Ethan, let them go, and let's go as well, we have a long way before us. …
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