Nixon the Super-instant

1578 Words
Joseph and Leo are now getting out of the palace. Joseph: Yooo, mister Will, how are you!!? Will: Just say it. Joseph: You got me, haha, can you help us get to the academy? Will: All right, all right. 《Gate》 Joseph: Thanks, mister Will. Will sighs. Will: Haaaaah. Joseph: Let's go, Leo. ... In front of the academy. Leo: Mister Alfred told me that you and the king went somewhere. Joseph: Yeah, we visited a place of memories. Leo: Memories? Joseph: Aah, memories, sad ones. Leo: ... Then they saw Maria sitting on a long wooden chair. Maria: Here you are, you two, how are you? Joseph: Cool. Leo: Good. Maria: A-a! What's that cold reaction...! The three went to the bloc "Y", exactly in the site "Y-IV", the empty place was like the training spot which was behind the palace, and there were all the other students. Hiro: Hey, Leo, Joseph, Maria. Joseph: Hey, Hiro. Maria: Hiro, hey. Leo: Aah, Hiro, you’re here. Maria: Teacher Nixon then, I wonder what kind of teachers he is. Hiro: Haha, I hope he’ll be nicer than her. Maria: Aah, you mean teacher Mercanda, she’s… She’s really a nightmare, just screaming and screaming and screaming… Joseph: Oi, Maria, are you okay? Maria: Screaming… Screaming… Screaming… Hiro: Haha… Then everyone turned towards a voice behind them. Shou: Oi!! Didn't you hear me? I said you're in my way. When Shou was coming he found Elle standing in front of him, the thing that he didn’t like. Elle is turning her head slowly. Elle: S-sorry, but it’s not something that you’ll become angry about. The training spot had a rectangular shape with some stairs from different places, but Elle was standing at the top of the front stairs of the training spot. Shou: Don't make me say it again, get out of my way. Elle felt so scared of him, till she could’ve just moved for some inches… Shou raises his hand. Shou: Then, I'll have to just blow you away. Right? Everyone is watching without doing anything. The camera focuses on Saï who was closing his eyes. Milton: Shou, come on man, that's ridiculous, there... Shou: Shut your mouth, or I'll add you to her. Milton: Hiii! Miles opens his hand while a white glow of a sword is taking shape… Shou (continues): Then, off you go!!! Shou is moving down his hand slowly while a strong wind came from nowhere!! Elle closes her eyes with fear. Miles tries to move… But then, everyone notices a purple glow passing in front of their eyes. ‘’…!!’’ Suddenly! Leo stops Shou’s arm before it touches Elle. Saï opens his eyes to see Leo’s purple glow. Hiro seems shocked! Leo: What the hell is going on with you, haaah!!? Shou: Get your little dirty hand of me, now!!! Maria: Leo…! Joseph: Maria, don't intervene, this is the right thing to do. Maria: But... Joseph: That guy; from the first day in the academy; was too aggressive. Shou: Aaah, I think you remind me of some homeless boy whose village has been destroyed in front of him, and without doing anything. Heh? Am I wrong? Shou (continues): But now, you're being strong in front of everyone, heh, what a cool moment you’ve created for yourself now. Leo is letting Shou’s arm slowly... Shou: Is that it? You loser… Suddenly! Leo: Joseph!!! Joseph: I got you!! 《Water Magic》- Water wall A wall of the water has been formed between Elle and Shou with Leo. Then, Leo has hit Shou right in the face with a magnificent speed, till he went away. Leo: Next time, choose your words carefully when you're talking to me. Hiro: Hmmm… Saï: Doesn’t he remaind you of someone? Hiro: Aah. Hide: So… Powerful! Speed: He hit him!! He hit him!! Everyone is surprised!! Shou is on the ground. Shou: Aaaagh, that was a strong punch… Shou cleans the blood of his nose… Shou: Heh, interesting, homeless boy. Shou is getting up now… Shou: But, I think I should teach you a lesson. Leo: I'm here, just in front of you. A tornado of a white glow is surrounding Shou’s body!! Shou:《Wind Magic》… A powerful wind is now blowing strongly, While Leo's purple glow is turning into a purple smoke coming from his right arm. Milton: Oh my god, I can't see, what kind of hell is this. Aeizo: Hoho!!! Lucas, have you seen that punch? Lucas: Yeah!? Aeizo: Someday, I’ll do the same to you. Lucas: Heh, crazy bastard. Elizabeth: Can someone stop them!! Miles: What a confrontation glow!! ‘’Damn, I can’t see.’’ Maria: Enough, Leo!!! Elle: L-Leo, that's enough. Joseph: … Shou: Let's see how strong you really are... Leo approaches… Leo: Why not!! Then, all of a sudden an unknown voice has come! ''| Mahos | - Zone'' At that moment, everything has vanished, the purple glow of Leo and the wind of Shou. Everyone is surprised by what has just happened!! Miles: What the...!! Hide: What happened!!? Aeizo: Tsk… Things almost got exciting. Leo: What happened!!? My purple glow has gone!! Shou: My magic doesn't come out!!! Someone is coming towards them... "So, you're fighting each other, hah? I'm so disappointed with this new generation of magicians." Everyone turned towards the voice, but the person has vanished, till he appeared between Leo and Shou. "What you have done is foolishness, whatever the reason, making a fight against each other and showing your strength…" "It's what little kids do when they make a fight over their toys." Leo: But he... "I said whatever the reason! And the penalty for this act is to get dismissed of the academy forever!!" Joseph: What!! Maria: It can't be!! Shou: Tsk. "But..." "This time, and only this time, I'll do like I saw nothing. Save your energy to the real fights." "Everyone, Let's forget what happened and get down to business, I'm Nixon your teacher of training lessons." Nixon now is trying to smoke a cigarette... Gin: Nixon… Nixon… Nixon… Is it Nixon the Super-instant from the seven-S warriors? Oscar: Yeah, I think so. Gin: Do you know him? Oscar: Not exactly, my father used to be the leader of the seven-S warriors. Gin: What! Hey, Speed, Hide, Lee, did you hear that!!? Lee: Come on, Gin, what would change if that was true? Let us see what this cigarette guy is about to say. Nixon: Before I smoke this cigarette, here, take this paper. Maria came and took the paper. Nixon: You're going to make five groups, each group has five of you, and then write the group number and the names on the paper, you have till finish my cigarette. Maria: I think our group is already known, me, Leo, Joseph, Hiro, but we still need one. Maria looked here and there… Maria: Wait, where is Leo?!! Leo is walking towards Nixon. Maria: What is he doing? Leo: I… Apologize… For what I did. Nixon: Hmm, At least you have the courage to apologize, on the contrary of the other one. Leo: I just couldn't have stopped my body from taking action, I can't tolerate such acts, and if I didn't move at that moment, others would've. Nixon: I know, I was here from the beginning, I know what happened. Leo: What!! Were you here watching us?! Nixon: I wanted to see the behavior of all the new students when I'm not here. Leo: May I ask you something? Nixon: What is it? Leo: I just wanted to know how... How did we stop our magic? What was that? Nixon blows smoke from his mouth… Nixon: Hmm, why do you want to know? Leo: To get my revenge for my village, I want to learn anything that'll help me get stronger. Nixon: Revenge then, Heh. Nixon (continues): It’s mahos. Leo: Mahos…? Nixon: Aah. Leo: And this technique... can I learn how to do it? Nixon takes another breath of his cigarette… Nixon: Maybe, maybe not, just a few people who can do it, I don’t know if you were one of them. Leo looks down. Leo: Few people then… Leo shows a serious look on his face. Leo: I promise, I will be one of them. Nixon: Hmmm… Maria: Hey, Leo come on!! Nixon: Go to your girlfriend now, and let’s talk about this another time. Leo’s face is turning red… Leo: G-girlfriend, she isn't… While he shows a little smile 'Heh, kids.' - Nixon Maria: What did you say to him? Leo: Nothing!! Maria: All that was about nothing? Hiro: … Joseph: All right, Leo, we still need one other person in the group. Everyone was forming his group, but Hiro noticed something. It was Elle, she was standing alone. Hiro: Wait! Hiro has gone towards Elle... Hiro: Hey there, Elle, right? Elle: Y-Yes! Hiro: So, we're like one member less in our group, do you want to join us? Elle: Really? I mean… Is it okay with Leo and… Aaah, I mean your friends… Hiro: Haha, yeah, don't worry, come. … Hiro: And here is our final member. Maria: Elle…? Elle: Thank you for having me in your group. Joseph: It's cool, we're friends now, right? mister savior. Aaa, look who's here. Leo: Shut up, I’ll kill you, it wasn’t like that. Joseph: Haaaaa… Leo seems upset with Joseph. Nixon throws his cigarette. Nixon: So, time is up, let's begin.
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