Laws of magic, Defense and attack law

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Nixon: All right then, what do we have here... Group number one; Joseph Stirling, Maria Brown, Leo Hawthorne, Hiro Allred, and Elle Amari. Group number two; Shou Wildwind, Milton Green, Melody Green, Neon Arling, and Miles Blacksmith. Group number three; Hid Ono, Speed Caplin, Gin Kudo, and Evan Knight, and Luna Kelley. Group number four; Elizabeth Star, Oscar Lynch, Lee Banwell, Donna Fenner, and Amira Yogi. And for the fifth group; Saï Arrow, Aeizo Yu, Lucas Aoki, Sophia Cox, Quinn Lida. Nixon (continues): All right, first nice to meet every one of you, especially our prince and ruler Edward's son, second, I think you heard about magic laws, right? And you did some of them, but here I'm in charge to show you the last two types of magic laws; it's defense and attack law… Hold on a second. Nixon has disappeared. Seconds after, he appeared again with some boxes, he opened one of them and took a bottle. Nixon has thrown the bottle in the air while he draws a symbol in the air. Nixon: | Attack law level one | - Destruction A light white glow has appeared rushing towards the bottle, and in less than a second, the bottle has been destroyed! Everyone is surprised except Shou, Sai, and Leo who express cold expressions. Nixon: And this is the first level of the attack law, as you all saw, I made a little quantity of the mahos air be formed as a little ball and then throw it towards the target. Nixon: But this is different… | Defense law level three | - Air wall Everyone hasn’t noticed anything. Nixon: Hmm, You!! Miles: Me!! Nixon: What's your name? Miles: It's Miles. Nixon: All right, Miles, try to attack me. Miles: What!!? Nixon: As I said, make an attack towards me, everyone takes a step away from Miles. Miles: Okay, as you want, teacher Nixon. 《Iron Magic》 - The hammer A big hammer has been formed, then Miles tried to hit Nixon with it, but a light white glow has stopped it suddenly. Miles: What is that!!? Nixon: Okay, you can stop now. Nixon points with his finger on a long line… Nixon: This is a wall, formed by the particles of the mahos air, and I've chosen the third level because the first and second ones are so weak, however, you guys know that the mahos air is just particles, with spaces that separate them, so we; the magicians; make these particles work for us, I mean form them as we want, in that case, we won't need our element, we'll just need our spark energy which allows us to be connected to the mahos air. Nixon continues… Nixon: But because you're just beginners, your target won't be moving, so, there you'll find bottles and supports which you'll put the bottles on, and once you could make the attack law, you will train with your group on the defense law, each one makes the attack law and the other make the defense law. … After everyone took the support and placed the bottles, they started trying. Maria: What's wrong with this law, it's hard, and I feel like my powers are being consumed!! Hiro: Yeah, it is the same with me. Nixon: Hmmm… ... After some minutes Elle came near to Leo. Elle: Umm… Hey, Leo… I-I just want to thank you for what you did for me. Leo: I just did what should be done, that’s all. Elle: Aa-ah, I see… Joseph: I don’t know why but I sense a romantic presence here. Elle’s face turns red… Elle: Aae-h… I mean… Leo: You…!! Joseph: Haha, just kidding, just kidding… ... Oscar: Elizabeth, I'm with you in the same group, I'm so happy. Hid: Get away from her, Oscar, don't you see? She doesn't like you. Oscar: What did you say!!? You moron Hid! You’re not even in my group!! Why you’re talking to me then!? Haah!? Hid looks in the other direction. Hid: To make you upset from time to time. Oscar: You…!! Elizabeth: Oh god, my heart can't support that two men fighting for me. Hid: Shut up, you crazy dreamy! Oscar seems upset. Oscar: Hid… You dare to insult Elizabeth in front of me… Haaah!!! Hid: Hehe, and what will you do about it? Gin: Guys! Focus! Speed: Aaaaah!!! That's hard!!! That's hard!! that's hard!! ... Miles: Neon, keep trying, why did you stop? Neon: Hah… Hah… It's hard, I tried many times. Miles: Hard can’t defeat us, Neon, let’s try till we make it happen! Neon: Haha… So energetic as always. ... Donna: A-mi-ra… Did you make any progress yet…? Amira: Shut your mouth, Donna, and let me focus! Donna: Hehehe… You’re more gorgeous when you’re angry. Amira (sighs): Haaaah…! … Aeizo: What the hell is this law? No way to make it!! Aaah… Tell me Lev… Suddenly, Lucas and Quinn turned and looked at Aeizo with scary faces!! Aeizo: Aa-ah… Sorry, I forgot. Sophia: … Lucas: What the hell were you thinking? Quinn: Tsk, this i***t. Aeizo: I am sorry, okay. Saï: Guys, calm down, nothing has happened. Aeizo: Thanks, Saï. … Nixon: Hey, listen up, everyone!! Most of you don't get it, you're trying harder but you just consume your energy without any results. I mean look... Nixon moved his hand in the direction of all the bottles, then, he destroyed all of them... Nixon: See!? And without even a sweat. look! All of you are making the same mistake, which is forcing your body to create something like creating your own element using the mahos, but this time, it’s different, you must manipulate the mahos itself. Everyone took a new bottle and start trying again. Milton: Hey Shou, how are you! Milton didn't get a response. Milton: I think it's a nice day, right? Shou: I'll say it one time, get the hell away from me. Milton: All right, all right, my bad. 'Wooooah, that was close, I thought it’d cool to talk to him to forget what happened but I don’t think he’s a social person.' - Milton Melody: My cute little brother. Milton: What is it? Melody changes her voice tone. Melody: Can you stop playing around and focus!!! Milton: Of course, big sis!! Milton to himself again "Wooooah, I'll die if I stayed with this group of psychopaths.’’ All of a sudden, an explosion takes place!! Shou: That bastard! Joseph: What the hell, Leo!! Milton: Did you want to kill us all? ‘’…’’ Nixon: Don't worry everyone, it's okay, he just mixed a little of his element with the ball of pure mahos air, and then the explosion happened. 'This kid…’ - Nixon Joseph: What is he talking about? Leo looks at his hand… Leo: I really don't know!! A few minutes later Nixon: Time is up! We're done here. Melody: Whaaaaat!!? Donna: We didn't even make the attack law! Aeizo: What a relief. ... Nixon: I'm disappointed as well, so, tomorrow, I'll have to do a test, to rate your capabilities. "A TEST!!!!!!!" Nixon: During that test, if someone couldn’t make at least the attack law, he or she will have to leave the academy and never come back! You're free to go now!! ‘’Wha-t!’’
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