Terrible news

1064 Words
Nixon has disappeared. Hiro is leaning on the ground… Hiro: Woaah! That was hard and without any results. Maria: I can't believe this. Milton: Hey guys!! Joseph: What's up, MG! Maria: MG? Is that your real name? Milton: I think you're interested in me, hmm, why not, I'll tell you my name on our first date, what abo... Melody hits Milton on his head! Melody: Be nice with other people you moron! Melody (continues): I apologize for my brother's behavior. Maria squeezes her fist. Maria: Thank god, you hit him before me. Melody: Haha… Maria: But answer me, why they call you MG!? Milton: They... Melody interrupts him. Melody: My brother's full name is Milton Green, but when we were kids, our friends in the River village used to call us the twin MG, because my full name is Melody Green. I didn't like it, but on the other hand, he liked it and continued with it. Milton feels lonely... Maria: I see, wait, what!! Where are you going you three!!? Joseph is walking away along with Leo and Hiro… Joseph: It was a nice story, but we must go!! Hiro waves his hand in the air. Hiro: Yeah, nice to meet you, Milton, I'm Hiro by the way. Milton feels lonely again... ... | ROSE VILLAGE AT NIGHT | "Please no!!" "Run, run" Rose village is being destroyed, and the fire is everywhere while many people are running in any possible direction. ‘’Old man Rose!! Where are you going!!?’’ The old man Rose seems tired. The old man Rose: I am… Going… To stop these villans! ‘’Come on, run!! It’s dangerous!’’ The old man Rose: I can’t let them hurt this village anymore… I can’t… ‘’What’s up, old man!? Hahaha!! Do you want to play for some time? Haah!?’’ The old man Rose: … … "Don't kill the kids, we need them alive." "Yes sir!!" "So, this is the village where you met the ruler?’’ "Yeah, and we can say that it is like something precious to him." "Hmm, a precious thing then..." "And you guys were the ruler's royal guards, why did you help us?" "We hate..." Suddenly... "You know what, I don't care, Gray!!!" Gray: Yes, sir Killos! Killos: Make them suffer. "What!! We had a deal, don't do that, we helped you..." ... Killos: What can you expect from a betrayer, only another betrayal, what a dangerous world! Killos (continues): Guys, that's enough, take the children and anything that is valuable, and let's go!! "Swoax gang for life!" "Yes, leader Killos!" Killos: Heh, I think we’ll meet again, Ruler Edward. ... The following day in the training spot. Joseph is coming while his face shows shock. Maria: Joseph, what's wrong!? Hiro: …!? Leo: …!!? Joseph: S-something terrible happened... ... One hour ago. While he is coming out of his room 'Where is he? Did he go already?' - Joseph Then, he heard some loudly talking upstairs, he took some steps and listened from behind the door of Ruler Edward's office! The camera takes us to the inside of the office, there were Ethan and Sebastian with Ruler Edward. The Ruler Edward: What are you talking about, Ethan!! Ethan: We just don't know how that happened but... The Ruler Edward: But what! Ethan: Rose village and the River village have been ruined by the gang!! Ruler Edward hits the desk!! The Ruler Edward: What do you mean by that, Ethan!! Ethan: After we returned to the royal city, I took some guards and started searching for any information that can lead us to swaox gang, but some of my men came back saying that they found that those villages have been attacked and destroyed, and all the royal guards who usually make patrols in that area have been taken down, and for the villagers, some of them are missing and some others are injured or... The Ruler Edward: Or what!! Ethan looks down... Ethan: Or dead… Joseph was shocked when he heard all that!! Sebastian: Ethan, you can go now, I'll continue with the ruler. Ethan: Understood. Joseph couldn't have stayed there, so he went with an unexplained face, a face that had mixed anger and sadness. The Ruler Edward: I can't stay here. I have to go see what's happening and end this once for all!! Sebastian: I sent some royal guards and some healing teams, so don't worry for now, but Ruler Edward, you should hear first what I'm about to tell you! The Ruler Edward: What do you have Sebastian, I've already heard enough. Sebastian: Do you remember the members of the gang that you and Ethan captured in the southern forest. The Ruler Edward: Yeah? What about them? Sebastian (continues): They haven't been transported to the continental prison. The Ruler Edward: What are you saying? I myself signed the papers of transportation to the continental prison!! Sebastian: But why Filip who transported them, didn't show up? Ruler Edward, the papers you signed, I suppose, were fake!! The Ruler Edward: What!! Sebastian: They didn't take the prisoners, or even Filip reached the Royal city for backups, and what made me so sure is that I talked to the main base of the border control, but as I expected they said that they have not received anyone! The Ruler Edward (with shock): What the hell is going on!!? Ruler Edward gets up… The Ruler Edward: Sebastian, this is going out of our control, we must take action or all the people of the green continent will be threatened. I thought those people were just some normal bandits that we could deal with them easily, but this is different. Sebastian: Ruler Edward, the Royal City needs you here, so I'll go myself to Urloss city City, which is highly expected to be a trap for all of us. I'll send Ethan as well. He'll check the situation there till I arrive. The Ruler Edward: Tsk, I hate when you’re right. All right then, just be careful, we don't know yet what we're dealing with!! Sebastian: Hah, Ruler Edward, I think you're talking here to an elite guard!! The Ruler Edward: Hah, I know, sorry!! But… Whatever it takes! Don’t let them do what they want. Sebastian gets out… Sebastian: Heh, of course. ... We're now with Joseph and the others. Maria: What!! Leo: …!! Hiro: That's... Impossible!!
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