Joseph's decision

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Everyone is shocked because of what they have just heard!! Maria: I am sure that ruler Edward, your dad will do something about this. Hiro: Yeah, she’s right. Joseph: I really can't wait in my room hoping that everything will be okay, I have to be the one who makes everything okay, that's the kind of person that I want to be, I can’t rely on my dad always. On top of that, they've touched something precious to me, I'll never forgive them, so tonight I'll go to Rose village and face those criminals. Leo: As if you can defeat them by yourself. Joseph: Are you talking seriously to me right now?!! Leo: Joseph, let's face the reality, you can't do it by yourself! Joseph: Didn't you... Maria hits Joseph gently. Maria: You stupid, didn't you get what he's trying to say!!? Hiro: Joseph, we're with you, no matter what happens. All that was happening next to Elle. Elle: Sorry for interrupting you guys, but I want to help, even if I don’t do a lot but at least my healing magic will be useful for you. Maria: Are sure, Elle, it's dangerous!! Elle: I want to help too, you guys have accepted me as your friend, and you protected me as well, so this is the least thing that I can do for you. Maria: Oh, Elle, you're so nice!! Joseph: Guys, I really want to do this by myself, it’s my duty. Maria: We'll help you or we'll tell the ruler!! 'Haha, she reminds me of myself when I ask mister Will to do something to me… - Joseph All of a sudden, Joseph hugs all of them. Joseph: You guys are unbelievable, thank you so much!! Melody: Hmmm… Then Nixon has appeared. Maria: But first, we must pass this test. Hiro: Aaah. Nixon lights a cigarette. Nixon: Everyone, hey again, so for today we'll continue our lesson which you couldn't have done yesterday. Nixon (continues): But, before you do that, let me first explain something to you, yesterday, all of you were feeling like your spark energy is being consumed a lot, although that, there were no results of manipulating the mahos air, so, I analyzed your results, in order to make you understand what you were doing wrong, normally, if someone wanted to use his magic, the circle of the element, spark energy and mahos air intervenes, you transform the mahos air into your element while using your spark energy, and if your spark energy reached its limit, the transformation of the mahos air will stop immediately and the consequence of that is getting tired, so, the mistake that you were doing is; you were trying to control the mahos air, and at the same time, you were trying to transform it into your element, for that, your spark energy have been consumed doubly, and this is why you got tired fastly, also, that’s why you didn’t make any results, it’s like when you try to see the left and right side at the same time. Joseph: So, the explosion that happened with Leo, this is its cause. Nixon: That’s right, Leo tried to control the mahos air, and at the same time; while he didn’t notice; he transformed it into his element, then the explosion happened, so, as advice, if you want to use and manipulate the mahos air, you must forget temporarily your element, anyway, you can start now. … Everyone took the bottles and started trying to blow them using the mahos air!! "| Attack law level one | - Destruction" "| Attack law level one | - Destruction" ... Leo is closing his eyes while he breathes slowly… Then he draws a symbol in the air. Leo: | Level one of attack law | - Destruction A wave has been formed, then, it hit the bottle perfectly. And at the same time, Joseph has thrown a ball of the mahos air till it destroyed the bottle. Nixon is surprised by what Leo and Joseph made!! Nixon: …!! Melody: Hey, Milton!! Stop looking at them and try harder!!! Milton: Humph! I am trying. After some time of practicing, everyone made the first step which is the attack law, then they started the second step which is the defense law, some of them began trying to make the mahos air wall, while the others launch the attack law. Nixon: Just a piece of information, if you did the defense law correctly, then the one; who will attack you using the first level of the attack law; won't be able to destroy it. Everyone now is trying harder and harder... "| Defense law level three | - Air wall" "| Level one of attack law | - Destruction" "| Defense law level three | - Air wall" "| Level one of attack law | - Destruction" ... The time passed until Nixon stopped them. Nixon: So, the time is up, and I want to say two things. Everyone is waiting with concern for those two things!! Nixon: First, there is no test. I lied about that because I wanted to give you a stronger reason to try harder than before, and according to what I saw I think my plan worked. "Wha-----t!!!!!!" Nixon (continues): Heh, sorry guys and the second thing is that; all of you are amazing and you could've done the laws correctly, so I'm not disappointed anymore. Nixon tries to smoke a cigarette… Nixon: So I'll leave you at this point. Aah, one more thing, stay home for the next hours, don’t leave it at all! Joseph: … Then Nixon disappeared. Gin: What is he talking about? Lee: Who knows? Elizabeth: Finally, we’re done!! Speed: That was so hard! That was so hard! Hid: Hah… Hah… I know… Speed. … Everyone has gone, only Leo, Joseph, Maria, Hiro and Elle who stayed there!! … Leo: So, Joseph, what's the plan then?!! Joseph: We're going to wait till sunset and sneak to the academy. Maria: The academy, why? Joseph: We're going to take the flying brooms!! Maria: The brooms!! Hiro: But we have never used a broom!! Joseph: I know, but first we must meet here at the sunset, and then, we'll deal with how to use them. Joseph (continues): Hiro, since you live in the academy housing, do you think that you can manage to bring us the brooms? Hiro: Yeah, don’t worry about that. Joseph: Good, so when the time is right, we'll use mister Will's magic, to transport us directly to here. Leo: All right then. Elle: Okay! Maria: Let's do it!! ... A half-hour before the sunset... Knock!! Knock!! Joseph is knocking on the door of some house… Then someone has opened it. Joseph: Yoo mister Will. Will: Prince Joseph, what are you doing here? Joseph has told Will what he is about to do. Will: What!! Have you lost your mind, I mean with all my respect, but this is a betrayal. If the ruler knew what I did, I'd absolutely lose my job. Joseph: Don't worry, don't worry, my dad is a cool person, he won't do anything to you!! "Honey, what is that!!?" Will: Nothing, I'll be back in seconds. Joseph: Is she your wife? She seems nice from her voice, haha... 'You didn't see her when she gets angry… Haha…' - Will Will: But, Joseph, promise me that you'll come back alive from this. Joseph: I'm a man of my word, so, I promise you. … Maria: Thanks mister Will, you helped us. Joseph, Leo, and Maria have passed the gate to the training spot in the academy, but they saw something unexpected!! They found four other persons next to Elle and Hiro who were holding the brooms. They were Milton, Melody, Miles, and Neon. Hiro: Sorry guys… Elle: Haha… They knew what we’re going to do. Maria: What!! Milton, Melody, and you, Neon, and Miles!!! Melody: Hey there, I know you're surprised but sorry I have strong ears, haha, I heard most of what you said, so, I couldn't have just hidden while a big threat is approaching us, then I talked to all my group but Shou has refused, unfortunately. Joseph: Aah, that person, it’s obvious he won’t help. And what about Miles and Neon, why you’ve chosen to come!? Miles: An elite guard’s main goal is to protect people, this is what my big brother Sword was doing and it’s the same path that I want to take, so, I can’t refuse to come with you guys, in fact, this a chance for me to prove myself. Neon: Heh, as always, so energetic, Miles is my friend, I can’t let him go alone. Melody: Then, it’s decided, we’re coming. Joseph: Gu-ys… All right, let’s do this. Leo, Hiro, Maria, Elle, Melody, Milton, Miles, and Neon. ‘’Aah!!!!’’ … Hiro: So, here are the brooms. I brought five of them. I didn't know we'd have company, haha… Joseph: It's okay, they can take two people! Milton: Are we going to... Melody: Fly, that's correct. Milton: But, but, but I fear heights. Melody: Let's see first how to use them, then we'll deal with your fear. Joseph took a broom. Joseph: Don’t worry, I’ll show you how. Joseph (continues): You just take the broom like this and… After Joseph touched the broom, it started floating. Joseph: The broom will automatically react with the magician’s spark energy, haha, it’s easy, isn’t it? Milton: Hooo! It’s really floating. Melody: Haha… So that’s it… Miles: O-okay!! Maria: Y-Yeah!! Hiro: A-ah… Leo: … Elle: Haha… Joseph: What are these cold expressions!!? Neon: I think they’re frustrated. Joseph: Aaah!!? About what!! Neon: They thought it’s going to be harder than that!! Joseph: Haha… I see… … All of them now are riding the brooms; Leo with Hiro, Maria with Elle, Milton with Melody, Miles with Neon, then, Joseph is alone on his broom. Joseph: Guys, let’s go!!!!!
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