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It’s night. In the sky, Joseph, Leo, and the others are riding their flying brooms which seem to have magical lamps in the front. It looks like they’re approaching some village… ... Maria: What is that? Is it snow? Joseph: I'm sure, it's Rose village, but… Rose village which is beneath Joseph and the others is destroyed, and some guys with white clothes are holding the injured people and putting them in some tents. "Hurry up!!" "He lost a lot of blood!!" "Do we have blood type B!!?" "Where is my child!!! Answer me!!" "The people of the village said that they've been taken by those gang!!!" "What!!" ‘…’’ Joseph: I can't believe this… The kids of the village, Grandpa Rose, I can't believe this!! Joseph tries to go down... But Leo stopped him. Leo: Joseph, I know the pain of l

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