Chapter 24: Revelations

1039 Words

Chelsea shook with exasperation. They'd fought over this more than once in the past. “Brad will you listen to yourself. How dare you talk about Daddy that way." He put his hands up in mock submission. “That's right. Jefferson James walked on water." Brad stalked to his refrigerator and pulled out some water. He twisted off the cap and downed most of the bottle. Pain streaked across his face. He'd been Mama's favorite before her foray into the bottom of any bottle she could find. She herself had been Daddy's favorite. That left Morgan on the outside, which explained why her sister turned to a series of men for comfort. Chelsea shook herself. No reason to go down that road. After counting to ten, she spoke in even tones. “Brad, I don't think he was perfect. But marriage is a two way str

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