Chapter 25: Obstacles in Her Way

1076 Words

“We're so excited that we've made it this far." She shoved hair behind her ear, impatient with the man. Doesn't commitment mean anything to anyone? “Mr. Godshall, don't you think you should have informed me of this possibility when I booked you?" “Um, well, we've never made it this far before. We're willing to reschedule and if not I can send you a refund." Resigned, she said, “Yes. Please send the refund." She slammed the phone down loud enough to make herself jump. **** The phone ringing in his office interrupted his musings. “Hello." “Hal Godshall." “Is the deed done?" “Yes. Can I have those pictures and the negatives?" He smiled at the manila envelope on his desk. Nothing like a good game of chess. Only a couple more moves until checkmate. “I have them right here. Where sha

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