Chapter 26: Rejection

1068 Words

Sarah's hands went up. “Please go away. My lawyer told me not to talk to you." “Why? What have I done?" “He thinks you may have contributed to Joe's death." A sob escaped. A cold chill went up Chelsea's spine. “Sarah, how? Do you know how Joe died?" What did the autopsy say? Sarah nodded. “Nitrous oxide poisoning." Chelsea gasped and her brain seemed to spin in her head. “It doesn't make sense." If he'd been exposed to it, they all would have. “What from?" “Don't know." Chelsea looked around then back at Sarah, her mind trying to piece it all together. “Can I come in?" Sarah stepped back. “No." Chelsea dug her nails into her palms. No reason to strong arm the poor woman. “Where do they think the NO came from?" “They don't know." Her fist bunched. “Please go, Chelsea. I can't say

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