Chapter 27: Jake Again

1140 Words

“You coming to see us? Your aunt has been wondering about you." “Maybe next weekend. Have a favor to ask." “Shoot." Chelsea fidgeted in her chair. She wanted to stop him, he could tell. She didn't like asking favors. Well, he would damn well do one if he wanted and she couldn't stop him. “A friend of mine needs a square dance caller," Jake continued. “Wow, sure. I haven't done one of those in a year or so." “Can you teach line dancing?" “Yeah. I can do that. Goes with the territory these days. When is this?" “August 29th. How does that look for you? " He heard his uncle rifling some pages. “You're on the calendar." “Great," Jake said, staring at Chelsea. “How about I let you talk to her and finalize the arrangements. I'll drive out on Saturday or Sunday and stay for dinner. I'll m

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