Chapter 29: Livelihood Gone

1092 Words

Brad flinched at each impact. “Damn. Glad it's not me who pissed you off. Or am I?" She put down the mallet and turned to face him. “The Fire Commissioners are recommending that Town Council hire a private ambulance service." “This can't be a surprise to you." Her blue eyes went sharp as a knife's blade. “It is. I assumed they were just making noise. I don't think they're planning to publicize the meeting either." “In the legal notices, but who reads those ads?" She almost ran a hand through her hair then realized they were bloodied from the meat and instead rested them on the counter. “Why? What have I done to them?" He put up his hands. “Whoa. Why do you think it's personal?" She looked at him in disbelief. “Because I'm the captain." “But you don't own the squad." She brushed pas

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