Chapter 30: Max and Tim

1133 Words

“Hey, Max," Tim greeted the little boy on the porch swing, his nose deep in a book. He climbed the two steps and ruffled his blond hair. “Hey, Uncle Tim." A bright smile blossomed under two blue eyes. Cute kid. “What are you reading?" Max showed him the book about odd-colored eggs. “I loved that book." His eyes lit up. “You read it?" Tim smiled back at him. “My favorite." The screen door swung open and hit the wall with a bang. Brad, looking harried, stormed out like a creature released from a cage. He stood with his chest heaving. “Hey, Tim," Brad said when he'd caught his breath. “Max, your Mom's looking for you." “See you later, Uncle Tim," Max said. He dropped the book and went scurrying into the house. The screen door slammed shut. Tim eyed his friend's red face. “You look

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