Chapter 31: Melissa and Tim

1048 Words

Tim's gaze went to the sensuous movement at Melissa's neck. His loins stirred, but he tamped down his arousal. He had anger to work through. Besides, she'd scorned his advances. Standing, he paced away from her, framing his words. He couldn't reveal the whole plan. With hands in the back pockets of his shorts, he stared out at the river. “Missy." “Don't call me that." “Melissa, then. Chelsea will never work for Blue Light." A sigh escaped. “Yeah, I got that. She really didn't give me a chance to explain our plan." She sounded wistful. Tim felt a chill race down his back. “Did you tell her that I'm involved?" “No. I didn't get to that point." He let out a breath and turned to her. “Look. She and I don't always get along. It might be better for Blue Light if no one knows I'm involved

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