Chapter 32: Stone and the Case

1048 Words

Stone held mixed feelings on that. He wanted the case over and the man brought to justice for his crimes. On the other hand, he hated to leave Chelsea. His chances of winning her back were slim, but he liked going against the odds. He sighed. “I need a few days to pull together the stuff for his warrant." He turned to Melissa. “What do you need?" She pointed to the report in her supervisor's hand. “It's all in there. I'm ready to move onto the next case. He's a slimy guy." She shuddered. “How many agents do you want for the arrest?" Carl asked. He put down the pages he'd been reading. “Three." “Can I come?" Melissa asked, her eyes sparkling. Stone shook his head. “It might tip him off if we're together. There would be no reason for us to have met." “True. I can't argue that." “Three

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