Chapter 33: Jake is Questioned

1051 Words

“I believed it to be suspicious." “You called in the county Arson Squad?" Jake ran hand over his wet hair. Standing he wiped steam off the mirror. A combing made him look presentable. “That's within my duties as Fire Inspector." “What exactly made you suspicious?" “I'm not at liberty to say. The Prosecutor's Office is investigating. I suggest you talk to them." “They haven't kept you informed?" “Whether they have or not doesn't matter. I'd be unable to give you any details." Jake sauntered to his bedroom and eyed his dark blue uniform pants. Oh, how he hated to put those polyester nightmares on with the high temperature expecting to be close to one hundred today. “Is it true that you were charged with arson in conjunction with a fire ten years ago?" He paused with one foot poised

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