Chapter 34: No Talking to the Press

1171 Words

Jake let out a sardonic laugh. He knew the press could take a crumb and make a whole cake out of it, supplementing the facts with some creative conjecturing. He didn't plan on playing that game. “No way." Marv frowned. “Can you tell me if you're a suspect?" Jake spread out his arms. “Am I sitting here talking to you instead of in the County office talking to Theodore Hodgins? You figure it out. Now, I have work to do. Go talk to the Prosecutor." Jake breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Marv leaving his office. “Piranha." A moment later another figure appeared in his door, bringing him to his feet. Dressed in creased pants and a sleeveless blouse in his favorite shade of blue, she provided a contrast to his earlier visitor. “Chelsea." She hesitated looking around the office, then ent

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