Chapter 12: The Investigation Begins

1098 Words

Sarah chewed on her lip. “I'm not in some kind of trouble, am I?" Jake took her hands in his. “No, Sarah. He's just investigating Joe's death." “Okay." “Let me get out of your hair and you can help your sister unpack," he suggested. After pecking her on the cheek, he left wondering why all the interest in Joe's death. *** A car pulled up and parked in front of Brad's garage. He wiped his hands on a rag and smiled at his friend. “Hey Tim. Knock off early today?" “Banker's hours." “What time is it?" “3:30." “Wow." “This is a beauty," Tim said, indicating the German sports car Brad worked on. “What happened?" “Teenager took out his Dad's car and trashed it." A gleam appeared in Tim's eye. “Sounds familiar." Brad chuckled and tossed his rag onto the workbench. “No. I trashed my o

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