Chapter 13: Not a Pleasant Meeting

1081 Words

Chelsea put her hands behind her back instead of what she wanted to do. Wouldn't he be surprised if she grabbed his lapels and demanded to know what the hell he was doing here. "I have a dual purpose for my visit. I, uh, started a college fund for Max." His words took away Chelsea's breath. “A college fund? Why?" “Because I felt close to Morgan. And I'd like to help provider for her child." Chelsea eyed him. Was he real? She shrugged. “What's your other reason for being here?" Tim cleared his throat. “The mortgage on this place is overdue." Lips pursed together, Chelsea said, “I know." “The board of directors is breathing down my neck about how late your payments are. I might be forced to close you down." “You can't foreclose until ninety days have passed." Heat simmered in her voi

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