Chapter 16: Tense Moments

1044 Words

“Yes." God he smelled good. “Does anything hurt, Janice?" “My leg and my chest." “On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the worst pain you ever felt, how much does your chest hurt?" “Five." “Is it constant or intermittent?" “Constant." Probably an injury and not a heart attack. Chelsea turned on the portable oxygen tank, filled the bag attached to the mask and put it on Janice's face. Sweat made the mask slip, so she tightened the strap on it. Janice squirmed and reached for the mask. “No." Chelsea held the woman's hand again. “Janice, you won't suffocate. Just take normal breaths." Her “Okay," came out muffled from the mask. “Jake, tell them to hurry up. We also need the blanket to cover her." She took over holding stabilization from him and he moved to the bumper. “Not too

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