Chapter 17: She Doesn't Want To

1050 Words

“No," Chelsea said and started back up the incline. Her heart beat fast and furious. “I can carry you," he offered. “I'm fine." Both legs buckled and she flailed her arms fighting to find purchase. Jake grabbed her. “Dammit, Chelsea, let me help." She took a deep breath and looked over her shoulder at him. His brows were knit in exasperation. “I won't let you down." An eternity passed as she stared into his eyes. Those eyes that she could lose herself in. To her surprise, she wanted to get lost. “My leg. It fell asleep in the car." “Hook yourself to my harness and use your good leg." She licked her lips, but obeyed. He wrapped one strong arm around her and brought her to the crest of the hill. Two hands hoisted her up and she ended up nose to nose with Brad. His frown creased h

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