Chapter 18: Him Again

1093 Words

How should Chelsea play this? “I didn't hear you say anything." “I didn't." He smiled. “I need my CPR card renewed." She put her feet on the desk. “Sounds pretty innocuous to me. Get a voucher from your fire company and show up at the hospital Tuesday. Fuld Auditorium." “I'll be there. Are you teaching?" “Yes." Why would he care? She rested her head on the back of the chair, letting her eyes fall closed. “You look great, Chelsea." She heard him shift in his chair. She'd never liked compliments. Maybe because her mother had compartmentalized each child. Brad was the boy and Morgan, her older sister, was the pretty one. Chelsea was the brainy one and she believed that. Once in awhile she wanted to be the pretty one. Jake interrupted her thoughts, “Some things don't change." “What's

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