Chapter 19: Chelsea's Problem

1137 Words

Tim's eyes held questions. “Leaving?" “Yeah, thanks for the beer." Tim looked at him bewildered, eyes narrowed. “I'm sorry. I shouldn't come to you with my Chelsea problems. Considering your history with her since I've been gone." Tim shrugged as if Chelsea were just another woman to bed. Maybe he hadn't been pursuing her for romantic reasons. Unease skirted up Jake's spine. In that moment, he didn't think he could trust Tim. “Thanks for listening." “Uh, sure." Jake left Tim sitting on his deck. *** “I'm such a b***h, but it hurt so much to see him and talk like old friends." Chelsea wiped in vain at the tears streaming down her face. She rocked, but the motion didn't soothe the heartache. She sat in the squad office. She hadn't bothered to turn on the air conditioning. Unless dis

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