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Ryker King, one of the biggest and richest musicians in the world. Arrogant, rude and walls up so high around him. He left his broken home at sixteen to find a better life for himself. Following the path of the one thing that saved him...music. He found what he was looking for and became one of the biggest stars in the world by the time he was eighteen, made his first millions. He picked up bad habits along the way...drinking, partying, casual s*x. He doesn't do attachment.

Alena Torres, just your ordinary girl who works hard and has a love for photography. A love she never believed could turn to a profession. That all changes when she is approached by the management team of Ryker King at a one of showing of her photos. Getting an offer she couldn't refuse...his on tour photographer for a world tour. An offer that would change her entire life.

He is known as one of the biggest playboys who refuses to settle down. What he never expected was the person that would change all of that would be Alena, a girl no ones knows but the one person who gets to him in ways no one ever has.

Can the arrogant billionaire rockstar find his happy ending with just an ordinary girl or will his arrogance and lifestyle ruin it before he gets a chance?

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Chapter One - A life changing opportunity
Alena’s P.O.V I stood nervously as strangers looked at my photographs. I can’t believe my best friend Jana talked me into this. I don’t usually share my work like this. Yet here I am in a gallery full of people I don’t know. My photographs on the walls. I wondered what they were thinking. Did they like them? Were they criticizing them? Most probably thinking who is this amateur? I have always had a love for photography, but I refused to show it off to people. Would I love to do this as a professional job? Of course, I would but it isn’t that easy.  It took Jana nearly six months to convince me to do this. “Photographs this beautiful shouldn’t be hidden. They should be shown.” That was her favourite line to use on me. In the end that is what convinced me. I have a wide range of photos that I take. Anything from people to animals to nature to places, I like to mix it up. I was drawn into it when I was a child. At least with photographs, they don’t change, they always stay the same. Unlike this world and the people that live in it. I must have looked like some kind of weirdo hanging around, staring at everyone. Not everyone knew that I was the creator of this work. I prefer it that way. “Miss Torres?” I hear a female voice say from beside me. I turned around. Standing there was a beautiful, petite woman who looked maybe in her mid-thirties. She was very smartly dressed. “Um, yes that is me.” I smiled. “Hello, I am Natalie. I asked around about these beautiful photos and I was pointed in your direction. Is this your work?” she smiled. “Yes,” I said nervously, blushing a little. “They are very beautiful. I love the variety you have here.” She said “Thank you,” I smiled “Do you do this professional?” she asked curiously “No, it is more of a hobby if you like.” I laughed nervously “Have you ever thought about doing it professionally?” she asked. “I would never be that lucky.” I said honestly. “Well your luck may have just changed.” She smiled. My luck has changed. What does she mean by that? I looked at her both curious and confused. She let out a small laugh. I sort of needed her to explain a little more on what she meant. “I am part of the management team for one of the biggest musicians in the business. Who at this time I cannot name. The photographer just quit last week, and we go on a world tour in one month.” She said, “I have been looking for a replacement, that is what brought me here.” She added. I nodded, letting her know I was listening to her. Though, I still had no clue where she was going with this? Was she looking for me to point her in the direction of someone? “I was wondering if you would be interested. You have an amazement talent.” She smiled. “Me? I am sure you would prefer someone more professional than little old me.” I laughed trying to brush it off. “I have been to so many viewings. Looked over hundreds of portfolios. Looked online. Auditioned people but none of them have peaked my interest like you have.” She smiled “You have an amazing talent, Miss Torres. It shouldn’t be hidden from the world.” She added. Is this really happening right now? Is she being serious? This is some sort of joke, right? I am sure there is more photographers out there with way more talent than me. “Is this some sort of prank?” I asked. She let out a loud laugh, shaking her head. She reached into her expensive-looking handbag and handed me a card. I looked at it, seeing what it said. Natalie James, Diamond Records. Diamonds records, I have heard of them. Apparently, they are a big company. I don’t know much about them to be honest. “It is very real. I would really love to have you on our team. You could get to travel the world. The pay is very high because of who you are working for. You will have everything you need for being on the road.” She said. “As amazing as that sounds, I have a job,” I said “Then quit. I promise we will make it worth your while.” She said confidently. I knew it was a great opportunity, but it is a big decision to make. I would need to give my job up that I have worked at for the last five years. I hated my job, but I hated letting people down. “Can I have time to think about it please?” I asked “Of course, but not too long cause we don’t have much time. Sleep on it OK? Get back to me in the morning. Or even stop by tomorrow, bring a portfolio and we can discuss things further.” She smiled “This would be a great opportunity for you. A talent like the one you have shouldn’t be wasted.” She added. “I will be in touch very soon. Thank you.” I said grateful. She smiled, saying goodbye to me before she headed off. She went back to looking at my photos. Did that really just happen? I am not used to things like this happening to me. ****** It was after midnight by the time I arrived home. The showing had been a success, everyone seeming to love the photos. I had been thinking about Natalie’s offer all night. Jana telling me I should go for it. I loved taking photos but a on tour photographer. Is that something I could really do? Be on the road for months? That wouldn’t bother me too much. I don’t have a boyfriend or kids. Don’t really have a family either. I have Jana and a couple of other friends, but they all had their life’s. Could I really turn down such an amazing opportunity? Doing what I love most in the world. Making a living from it? Getting to see the world? One thing it was getting to me. I never knew who I would be working for. What if it was some asshole? I already worked for an asshole, what sense would it make if I quit one to go to another? I had a lot to think about. I knew it would be a decision I would have to make quickly. She never had long to find someone. I decided too to look into the record company, do my own research. Some of the biggest stars were signed to their label. I had heard of most of them, but it wasn’t my sort of music. I preferred country music. The artist signed to them were more pop and rock music. I never really paid much attention to celebrities. I decided to get a portfolio organised in case I decide to go tomorrow. Better to be prepared. It wouldn’t take long. I made sure to use my best photos for it. I knew I wouldn’t sleep much tonight trying to work out what is the best thing to do.

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