Confrontation (1)

2255 Words

"Shiori?!" In a monotone-like voice, her husband called her name. She was about to respond when I put my hand on her mouth to stop her. "Is it fine not to answer when someone's asking you? Not only you didn't knock, you even have the gall to call her name." When I stopped Shio from answering, he finally put me in his eyes, the high school girl behind him was also looking at us but it's clear that she has a troubled expression at this moment. Of course, why wouldn't she? "Get out." With a suppressed anger in his voice, he directed these words to me. I smirked and turned to the girl he brought home. I don't recognize that uniform but that doesn't matter. This girl is someone I knew. And of course, she recognized me as well which is why she's having a troubled expression right now. A

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