Capture that Flag (1)

1627 Words

"Onoda-chi is the Flag. Heh. Interesting." Chii commented after seeing me, she still has her Gyaru persona on but even so, the meaning of our gazes to each other changed ever since she revealed her identity to me.   "Let's all do our best together, Harada-san, Onoda-kun." Kanzaki fixed her glasses and with an enthusiastic expression on her face, encouraged both of us.   "Likewise, President. Goodluck on stealing flags for our class. Leave Onoda-chi's protection to me." Chii showed off her nonexistent muscles which garnered a giggle from the serious Class President.   "I'm basically a statue in this activity, I can only cheer on the two of you." I smiled wryly and tapped on both of their shoulders.   I looked around and observed the girl representatives of the other classes.  

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