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"Alright. I heard how Eguchi-sensei put you all to endurance classes. For your PE Class today, let's all put your bodies to rest." This teacher... Putting our bodies to rest. That sounds like she's going to kill all of us.   After splitting us between boys and girls, the PE teacher brought us to the field where we ran before and lined us up by class. Luckily, the sun wasn't as blazing as earlier when I called Aoi.   This other PE teacher is someone originally in charge of the 2nd-years. Though this is the first time I met her, her appearance looked gentler than Eguchi-sensei. However, that smile that she flashed just now sent shivers down everybody's spine.   If I remember correctly, her name is Orimura-sensei.   I guess the girls dodged the bullet on this one. With that one sente

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