Free Time

1843 Words

"Silly girl, why did you sleep here? What if you catch a cold?" As her arms naturally tightened her embrace, I also did the same, pulling her completely into my arms. From there we ended up sitting on the sofa with me hugging her from behind. With my arms resting on her navel, Akane left all her weight to me as she rested her back to me. "How can I get a cold if my cure is here? A hug from you is enough to cure it, husband—Ah! My papers!" She was saying some cheesy lines only to remember that she was working on some papers before she fell asleep. Without leaving my embrace, Akane leaned forward to take a look at the previously disorganized table and search for her papers. "There, I organized it for you. What's that about?" "Oh. Thank you, husband. It's for our future." Akane giggle

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