Clearing the Old Lady's Doubt

1593 Words

After Miwa-nee calmed down, I escorted her back to their room. Hugging her until she fell asleep, Miwa-nee slowly told me her story. This time, she didn't hold back anything anymore. Telling me everything that happened to her ever since she left the house to marry her husband. Most of it was already something I guessed before. It's never a happy marriage for her. She tried but it didn't work once he caught on that Minoru might not be his. But to avoid embarrassment, her husband never called for a divorce. For a career man like him, a divorce would become a stain in his record so he didn't want to go through it. Oftentimes he wouldn't go home while leaving Miwa-nee in the dark. She really couldn't blame him since it was clearly her fault so for the sake of Minoru, she endured. Before sh

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