New Day

1710 Words

When morning came, Miwa-nee acted like nothing happened between us. Her situation was different with Shio. Shio already knew how much I want to steal her but Miwa-nee, she's just brushing it off as a joke. I want her to know how serious I am. Apart from taking care of Minoru, she kept on teasing the two of us. Especially when we did everything together, from exercising to cooking and bathing. Well, the teasing also included what we were doing in the bath that we took our time inside. Now, it's not only me and Akane living in this house but she didn't seem to mind it. She's fond of the little boy who somehow looked like his mother. She said the boy gives color to the somewhat sad atmosphere in the house when one of us isn't home. Leaving the house to the mother and son duo, we separated

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