Observers' Flaw

1564 Words

When Fukuda arrived, he went and greeted me. As I thought, what happened yesterday got to him. "Onoda. Morning. You still don't want what I offered you?" "Ah Morning. Sorry. I still want the quietness." "Really? It's not that quiet yesterday though." "That's not really my fault, is it? Harada, she's persistent." Will he keep blaming me? It's really troublesome, even just talking with him might lump me in their group. "Right. She's always like that. Alright. Forget it." "She said you're dating." "She's lying. She never gave me an answer so I just assumed we were." "Well, she already admitted, isn't that the same as saying yes?" So, even him is having troubles with her. Looks like this guy isn't that bad and he sincerely likes that troublesome girl. Too bad, she's now included in m

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