Practice Session

1776 Words

When lunch break arrived, Sakuma tagged alongside me to the cafeteria. "Hey Onoda, you heard it earlier, right?" "What?" "She said confess. Could it be she knew?" "What?" This guy. He also never changes. I'm already tired at giving advices to him. "What the hell? Answer me properly." "What?" "Hey, don't be like that. Help me." "This is why she keeps on calling you i***t. You never picked up anything about the way she acted around you." Hearing that, he became speechless once again. "What do you mean?" "You honestly don't know?" "No. Tell me." "i***t. Figure it out yourself. You at least need to do that." Should I really let my Satsuki date this guy? He might be better off to someone else. He's this dumb even after all that. Haa. He's a friend, right? He's just an inherent i

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