The Princess and Her Dark Prince

1545 Words

After talking with Yukari, I had her call the next girl and I told her that she can choose who she will pick to go next. A minute later, the Queen of the lost Kingdom of Arcadia, Wielder of the Staff of Judgement, and the Crown of Doom appeared. Well, I'm thankful she didn't add new titles to her name, or else, it will be harder to memorize. "Did you summon me, oh Dark Prince of Unstoppable Greed, the Skirt-chasing Demonic Tyrant, Possessor of the Irresistible Tongue and Breaker of Relationships?" What the hell? I'm already used to the Dark Prince but only now did I hear my full title that she made up for me… "Elizabeth. Come here and let me tell you something." "Oh my! Is my prince going to indulge his tainted hands on this Princess?" Though she acted coy, Elizabeth elatedly closed

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