Unraveled Through Recollection

1555 Words

After Elizabeth, the next girl who followed after her was Ririka. Upon seeing me waiting for her in that room, she smiled bashfully again and unhurriedly walked towards me. "Why are you still acting shy around me? Did you not miss me?" I asked Ririka as I grasped for her hand. Her reddened cheeks from earlier still hadn't calmed down. Most likely, she continued thinking about me after I talked to her again. "I do miss you but you know this is how I am. I'm happy to see you again, Ruki. Will you stop running away from me? It felt like we went back to that time." Ah. That time… Among all of these girls who wanted to reconnect with me, I knew that Ririka simply wanted to spend time with me again just like what we were doing in the past. She didn't have any other desire but to continue o

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