Series of Realization

1692 Words

Realizing things like this, I guess this could be considered as growth. When I told Ririka about it, she was more than happy and even offered to let me remember more of our past to solidify that truth which I just realized. I accepted it but with the limited time we had today, I told her that we could continue it next time or in Messenger. Though she felt a little sad about it, Ririka nodded and called the next girl. Like with Yukari and Elizabeth, I had her choose who will be next. It is better this way rather than I picked them myself. They might think that the order of who I talked to was an order of priority. Even if I said that everyone's equal when it comes to how much I like them, those kinds of notions were unavoidable. A minute later, I could hear someone's heavy footsteps appr

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