Another Issue

1651 Words

Mizuki left the room satisfied with the talk we had. All this time, they wanted me to acknowledge my feelings for them. Maybe they also felt it. However, I was too dense or just couldn't really care enough to notice. Even if I already felt something for them, I will just move on to another girl. I know it's me, but hearing about myself from these girls… It's a lot different than what I could remember about myself. Am I really that much of a romantic? Haa… Well then let's wait for the next one. What more could I realize, I wonder. "Kaneda-san?" A minute later, footsteps could be heard coming to the room once again. However, it was stopped by that somewhat familiar voice. "Miyajima-san, what's wrong?" Aika's voice replied to it and for sure the two knew each other. I know it's bad to

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