A Few Minutes More

1862 Words

Due to the interruption by Miyako, I thought of having Aika stay with me a little longer. "Hey, Ruki. Let's not talk, just hold me tight." Unlike the others who talked to me about our past, Aika immediately put herself in my arms as soon as Miyako left the room. This kind of gesture from her, I remembered that this is how she showed her jealousy, putting herself in my arms and asking me to hold her tight. Even if she knew she wasn't the only one, she would still show how jealous she was when we're alone like this. And due to that, more often than not, we would be this close together. Although she was like that, it's not something I thought as annoying. I even found it adorable of her. Aika, as a member of the track team, always had a serious face outside, whether during class or club a

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