Miho's New Wish (1)

1530 Words

Miho, like earlier, instantly clung to me when Aika left. Though Hiyori could be said to be the most shy among them, this girl was the most delicate. I'm already surprised that she stayed and waited for me. Each of them is a beauty of their own leagues. For sure, like Akane, Yae, and Yua, all of them have one or two pursuers. In the end, they still waited for me. "I wish time could stop. I want to stay in this moment with you, Ruki." "You know me, Miho. If time will ever stop, I will wish for all of you to be stuck there with me." Hearing my answer, Miho showed her slight discomfort from it by hugging me tighter. It seems that she also didn't change. She would always try to hint at me about her desire to be my only one but as always, I will not acknowledge it. I'm that cruel… "Have yo

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