Miho's New Wish (2) *

1641 Words

Within the small room, Miho's sexy moans continued to fill our surroundings and along with it were the sloppy sounds whenever I would hit the depths of her insides. With her eyes half-closed, Miho's erotic face showed how what we're doing completely indulged her. Because I cut her off much earlier than the others, it's been almost a year since I last saw her and did it with her. With my c**k that was continuously teased by the thought of holding these girls again since earlier, my hips converted all of those and relentlessly pounded my whole length inside Miho. Though it's been a while, her p***y still has my shape as I easily slid in and out of her. "Hahh… Hahhhn… Ruki, more! Give me more of your love!" Miho was already lost in the ecstasy of what she's feeling at the moment that she

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