The Overheating Hiyori

1648 Words

"R-ruki…" The first word that came out of Hiyori's mouth when she arrived at the room was my name. Well, all of them called my name anyway but the way she did it this time… "What is it, Hiyori? Did something happen?" I walked towards her and closed the door that she forgot to close. Being in close proximity with her again, Hiyori's shoulder shrunk down and started trembling slightly. Soon afterwards, her arms circled to my back as she tightly held onto me. This girl… she's not like this earlier. Did she get scared of Miyako? "T-that girl… she kept shouting that you're a bad guy. She held my shoulders and shook me to agree to her." Ah. It's really Miyako. And due to this girl's nature which couldn't really open up to another, she got scared of that girl who hated me to the core. I w

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