Another Persistent Guy

1694 Words

"Will you be fine going back?" I asked Hiyori after separating from me. Her head was hung low once more. Probably thinking about Miyako in that room. "Yes. I'm now fully recharged by your energy. I should ignore what she keeps on saying about you, right?" Hiyori raised her arms cutely and spun once. She really became energetic after spending time with me. Now it's a wonder if there's a scientific basis about that Ruki Energy she's talking about. "You can. However, what she's saying is not necessarily false. You see, each of you has a different perception of me. And for her, that's how she sees me. I couldn't deny any of her claims or rather I will not." If the other girls who didn't chase after me saw me again and spouted the same words Miyako spouted, I will face them all. There's no

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