Behind the Door (1)

1575 Words

"Yua! Why? I only want another chance. We can't just throw away what we had, right?" Another knock on the door and the guy's voice traveled from the gaps of it. Due to his voice being loud, it was clearly heard by us despite being inside the room. That guy is truly turning desperate. If he continued on that, those in the nearby rooms will hear the commotion he's currently making sooner or later. However, instead of letting her answer, My lips dropped on Yua's, continuing our kiss from earlier while I slowly leaned her back to the wall. With a low thud, the sound of her back gently resting on the door surely traveled outside as that guy's voice once again rang out. "Yua? What's happening? Please answer me…" Part questioning, part begging, that Amamiya Takeru continued to plead for her

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