Tactical Retreat

1966 Words

"I don't like you. You have that air of someone with many secrets." Shizu-senpai frankly said. Err… she really said it and with proper reasons. What's that air anyway? "I see. We all have our own secrets senpai. But thank you for being honest." I stood up and pulled on Nami's hand. Understanding what I was trying to do, she also stood up and we started making our way to the door. "Where are you going?" Shizu-senpai asked when she saw us leaving. "Sorry senpai, I'm already done with the purpose of my visit here. I get that you don't like me. By looking at your attitude, you won't change that view, right?" I answered. This President seems to have an attitude which always wanted to dominate someone. Look, even that Izumi-senpai whose attire was that of a delinquent hadn't uttered an

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