Introduction (2)

1870 Words

"Eh? Ruu…" Nami didn't expect me to say that. She thought I would just create a whole new story about how we first met. When Arisa-senpai sees her like that, she puts on another playful smile. "What's wrong? You said it's fine to tell them. Are you embarrassed?" I teased her a bit as part of an act and well, also for real. I still remember that day when she first approached me. "…No. Go on, tell them. We'll have a talk later, prepare yourself." I don't know if that's her act but she sure showed me a scary glare while her smile was still plastered on her face. "Shoot, you're in for trouble already Onoda-chi. But to think it will be her who will approach first. Which spell did you put her under?" Arisa-senpai laughed at our exchanges. She's enjoying this. This is a sign that our act

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