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"Look at their hands…" One of them pointed to our linked hands. Is it that surprising? "Hey, Kazuo. Are you fine with this?" Tadano asked. He's sitting next to him. I know that he still doesn't accept me and now he's riling Ogawa to make a move. Ogawa didn't answer him. On the contrary, his gaze was locked on our hands. I can guess what he's thinking. He probably hasn't touched Nami's hands yet and now he's watching us doing it naturally, without aversion. "Onoda and Nanami…" Mori was surprised. She alternately looked between Ogawa, Nanami and me, trying to understand this situation. After a while, she got the idea of what's really happening. She looked at me and a meaningful smile surfaced from her lips. This girl is quite sharp when it concerns Ogawa. Now she understood that th

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