Hiyori and Miyako

1350 Words

After dropping Akane near their school, I asked Hitomi if she could park the car somewhere for a few minutes. It’s kind of a selfish request since I planned to step out of the car and wait someplace obscured for the girls who positively responded to me whether they’re already inside their school or not. Fortunately, Hitomi agreed after checking her clock. As it turns out, Otoha asked her to return 30 minutes after the closing of the school gates, giving her the time to spend with me. “I’ll be back soon, Hitomi. Can I talk to you by then?” Before opening the car door, I asked the woman at the driver’s seat, our eyes meeting through the rearview mirror. “... We’re already talking, Onoda-sama.” She responded, devoid of any emotion. “Not this kind of talk. I just want to know more about y

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